5 Best Thai Cookbooks for your Kitchen

How many of you love to cook different types of cuisines? Most people like to prepare various food items, especially when there is any occasion like a party or get-together. There is no problem in trying out new cuisines even if you do not have any idea as to how to cook up the dish.

Want to try out amazing and delicious Thai cuisine? Now you can prepare the dishes at your home taking help from some of the best Thai cookbooks. However, selecting the best cookbook can be tricky sometimes. Not to worry because below mentioned are the names of some of the finest Thai cookbooks which you can select from.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Thai Street Food: Authentic Recipes, Vibrant Traditions:

Thai Street Food Authentic Recipes, Vibrant Traditions Product Image

Cooking is considered to be not less than an art. Years of practice is needed to cook any specific dish with complete perfection. And when that dish is not from the country of your origin then the trouble is much more. The same is the case with Thai cuisines which requires each and every detail to be accurate, then only you will be able to cook a marvelous dish. However, now you won’t have to face any problem as there are so many Thai cookbooks available in the market in which there is a detailed description mentioned in respect of different types of Thai dishes. One such cookbook is the Thai Street Food: Authentic Recipes, Vibrant Traditions.

Written by the renowned chef David Thompson, this book takes the readers on a wonderful ride through the bustling streets of Thailand. More than 100 Thai dishes are featured in this cookbook along with there recipes. The reader can get to know everything about Thai street food culture. Appetizing recipes like that of pork satay, egg noodle, banana roti, and many more are mentioned in this book. While reading the book, the readers are bound to get completely mesmerized by the variant colors of Thai culture and the amazing cuisines that are steaming up in the busy street corners. Give a read to this cookbook and enhance your knowledge about the wonderful Thai cuisine.

What we liked about it

The way how the writer has presented all the fantastic recipes embrace the readers to take a peep into the cookbook. Along with the well-written content, there are pictures as well which makes it look more attractive. The writer has tried to present his own views on most of the recipes and how these dishes can be cooked in an easy manner. This is one of the best Thai food cookbooks which you can get at present.

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#2 – Thai Food:

Thai Food David Thompson Product Image

Considered to be the finest work of art, the cookbook named Thai Food is one of the best works of chef David Thompson. Known to be an excellent chef, specializing in Thai cuisine, he is also a great scholar and an expert writer. In this book, he has mentioned every slight detail about his personal experience in the beautiful country of Thailand. For more than 20 years, he has practiced the art of cooking and has specialized in preparing scrumptious Thai dishes. Learning from his experiences and time that he spends with some of the finest cooks in Thailand, the writer has noted down all the recipes which are centuries old.

For the convenience of the readers, this cookbook has been published and written in simple English. The readers can take help from different kinds of recipes and can experiment with it in their kitchen. All the history related to each and every recipe mentioned in this cookbook will make the readers much more interested in the content. Not only you will find about the well-known Thai dishes but also with respect to some of the cuisines which are not very much popular but still holds great flavors inside. Well-acclaimed photographer Earl Carter has complemented the book with an attractive set of pictures corresponding to the specific recipes. This keeps the attention of the readers intact.

What we liked about it

Creative writing and fantastic presentation have made it as the best authentic Thai cookbook available for the reference of various enthusiastic readers and food lovers. The dynamic aspect of Thai food and culture has been perfectly captured in this cookbook. Over 100 luscious Thai recipes can be prepared just by referring to this cookbook and who knows maybe you will also be able to master the art of cooking in just a matter of time.

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#3 – Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand:

Pok Pok Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand Product Image

When talking about different cookbooks, the one that is written down by recognized chefs and food critics are always considered to be the best. And that’s exactly the case with the cookbook called as Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand. Written and published by the owner of the famous Thai restaurant Pok Pok chef Andy Ricker has done a marvelous job by way of this book. He has traveled all around Thailand and has collected the recipes of different Thai dishes. This is the very first book written by Andy Ricker in which he has mentioned about 70 recipes that are quite popular in Thailand.

Once going through this cookbook the readers can broaden up their knowledge with respect to various Thai cuisines and can brush up their cooking skills. All the recipes are tested many times and then only have been selected to be mentioned in the book. Complete information about all the ingredients is provided to the readers so to make it easy for them to understand the recipe well. Various coking techniques or methods are also mentioned by the writer which can help the readers while trying to replicate the dishes in their kitchen. Such types of recipes will make it possible for you to create wonderful dishes for your friends and family when inviting them over for dinner.

What we liked about it

The writer has mentioned his experiences which he gained when traveling around different corners of the country. He documented the different cooking styles and cuisines which he came across in these travels. The readers will be able to relate well to the content of the cookbook in a better manner. You surely need to have this cookbook in your distinct collection and should try out the amazing recipes for once to give your taste buds a fantastic experience.

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#4 – Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen:

Simple Thai Food Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen Product Image

Would you like to taste the fabulous delicacy of Thailand? Don’t want to spend extra bucks for enjoying such an amazing blend of flavors? Well, then one thing which you could opt to do is cook the dish at your place. It is one of the most economical options available in front of you. What if you don’t know how to cook Thai cuisine? Not to worry at all because now with the help of a perfectly composed cookbook you can easily learn the art to prepare a wonderful plate of Thai food. The name of this cookbook is Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen.

This cookbook is written by Leela Punyaratabandhu. The author has mentioned explicit details regarding various different cooking techniques that can be used for preparing authentic Thai food with the utmost ease. Being a native, the author was able to perfectly mention about the different kinds of cuisines, both of which are served at renowned restaurants as well as in the busy streets of Thailand. The cookbook contains 100 recipes, some of which are home-based and passed on from generation to generation. For the convenience of the readers, all the recipes which have been talked about in this book are kept to be as simple as possible so that even a novice can cook it and try in their kitchen.

What we liked about it

After reading this cookbook it is sure that the readers will get a chance to explore the unique flavors of Thai cuisines and can easily prepare them on their own. One thing guaranteed is by referring to the steps mentioned in the book and with practice, you will surely be able to cook restaurant-quality dishes very soon. With just a little bit of dedication and time, you will be serving tasty Thai food to your guests.

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#5 – Hot Thai Kitchen: Demystifying Thai Cuisine with Authentic Recipes to Make at Home:

Hot Thai Kitchen Demystifying Thai Cuisine with Authentic Recipes to Make at Home Product Image

What makes Hot Thai Kitchen: Demystifying Thai Cuisine with Authentic Recipes to Make at Home one of the most sorted after cookbooks at present? The fact that this book has been written by none other than chef Pailin Chongchitnant. She is considered to be one of the top-most chefs in the city of San Francisco, specializing in Thai cuisine. Born and brought up in Thailand, she is very much familiar with all types of basic as well as advanced cooking techniques that can be used for preparing some of the popular Thai dishes. She just loves Thai food and so through this book has tried to showcase her affection towards the cuisine.

She also stays connected to her fans via her YouTube channel and teaches different types of cooking styles and dishes. The main aim behind writing this cookbook was to make her fans and other interested readers aware of the superb Thai delicacies and the easiest way to cook it at home. The writer has also mentioned some of her very own signature dishes and its recipes. Beautiful pictures of Thailand are present inside the book to attract the attention of the readers. The instructions mentioned are in simple language so to make it easy for the readers to understand each of the recipes without any issue. A complete chapter is dedicated to vegetarian Thai cuisines.

What we liked about it

The writer has done complete justice with the vegetarian section of readers as well. It won’t be wrong to say that this is one of the best vegan Thai cookbooks which you can buy from the market. Well-written researched and tested recipes make it easy for the readers to refer the cookbook while trying to prepare authentic Thai food at their house for the family member and for friends or guests. Every aspect of Thai cuisine can be explored by reading this cookbook.

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How we choose the best Thai cookbooks on our list?

To ensure that the readers only get relevant information about any specific type of product, like for instance, the best Thai cookbooks available in the market at present, there is the need to take help from experts and critics who have years of experience in this field. Different kinds of articles written on Thai cookbooks are referred to via the internet to know about what all things are mentioned in it.

After careful consideration of the experts, a list of the top-rated cookbooks as well as unprejudiced Thai cookbook reviews is prepared so that the readers can select what’s best for them. Some of the aspects, as considered by the critics while preparing the list is mentioned as follows:-

  • Ingredients to be used: One of the factors considered is the availability of all the ingredients that are to be used for preparing the different types of Thai cuisines which are mentioned in the cookbook. Not all countries do have the required quantity and quality of ingredients which are necessary for cooking Thai food. So while selecting the best Thai cookbook it becomes important that the book only mentions the name of those ingredients which can be easily found in the reader’s country.
  • The authenticity of the writer: It becomes important to gather information in respect of the authenticity of the writer who has published the specific Thai cookbook. Only those cookbooks which are written by well-known writers and chefs make it to this list.
  • Difficulty level: The cookbook should contain recipes that can be prepared easily at one’s home with a limited amount of ingredients. The matter written inside should be simple to understand.

Why you need the best Thai cookbook in your kitchen?

Most of you may already be bored of eating the same old food or dishes on a daily basis. After a while, people start losing interest as to what they are going to have for breakfast or dinner. All that matters is a plate full of edible pieces of stuff. Well not anymore because now you can simply add a bit of spice to your boring life by trying out a new variety of dishes every day.

Gone are the days when to have the cuisines of different countries you need to go visit a top-class restaurant. You can now enjoy the same quality of delicacy in your home by cooking the various dishes of your choice in the kitchen. Popular among every other cuisine of the world, the Thai cuisine still remains to be the top-most choice of many people worldwide. If you are staying in the United States then buying Thai food from outside could cost you a lot of money.

So why not give it a shot and prepare your favorite Thai dish by yourself, without the need to go out or order it. In times like this, having the best Thai cookbooks in your kitchen would do half of the job for you. Watching online recipes can be a little troublesome at times but referring to a cookbook is the most convenient manner to learn about several Thai cooking techniques and amazing recipes. You can also refer to various Thai food cookbook reviews available on the internet in case you are not sure as to which Thai cookbook should be bought.