5 Best Zesters for your Kitchen


A best zester is one which is a kitchen utensil used for obtaining the zest from the citrus fruits as lemons and other. For operating, it is pressed with some force against fruit and then drawn across peel. You can find rim which cut zest from underneath.

This zester consists of the holes in single row which are designed for dealing with peel of different citrus fruits. Nowadays some of the best zester is coming with the grater for easy use. You can check out the zester review for making an easy choice online. Check out now.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater

Microplane 40020 Classic Zester Grater Product Image

According to the microplane zester review, this brand is a top name in all the zesters. This one model is also the high rated available in the market. It comes at around 8.5 inches with ergonomic plastic handling. It helps in producing the fine wood shavings for all. This is one high quality of the surgical grade stainless steel which ensures that grating edge remain as the razor sharp. They work well with all ginger, citrus and hard cheeses or more. You can also call them as dishwasher safe. This is one tool which you can use in your kitchen. It also helps in increasing the efficiency and flavor of your cooking.

This best microplane zester can offer zest of large and ripe lemon. It is easy to use. It offers chef like flavor and can make your meal twenty times better. It is sharp enough and comes with a stainless-steel blade covering. It can fit nicely in your hand and don’t even get break easily. You can wash it in your dishwasher and can keep it clean and nice. You can use this zester for grating cheese, melting cheese in fast way and can also make your meal look much more elegant. You can also find the review of this brand as valuable and it is the best-selling product in the market.

What we like about it:

This Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater is sharp like a razor and helps in zesting & shredding efficiently than other zesters. They are in narrow shape which is good for zesting the lemons as it is having holes on its curved edges. This allows for easy to reach even the hardest spots. It can easily make your working easy for cheese hard block or for offering cheesy blanket to your pizza or pasta that provides the pillow fluff.

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#2 – OXO Good Grips Zester and Grater

Oxo Good Grips Zester And Grater Product Image

This is one of the best products designed by OXO for making zesting easy and simple. With wide area of grating and handle which is non-slippery and soft, you can make your grating much better and easier. It comes with the etched surface of stainless steel which stays completely sharp and does wonders for the hard cheese, chocolates, fruits and more. You will fall in love with its base. When it is placed on hard surface, one can have more control on the same. This one is known as the basic zester. It can be used for grapefruits, limes, oranges and for others.

This oxo is one kitchen tool which doesn’t take up much room and appears fancy enough. It is made available from the top brand which is known for all its quality rated products and comes with guaranteed satisfaction. This is a zester which comes with 2 ways of using it. Its stainless-steel head allows for zesting and creating garnishes as carrots curly. Handle of this product is non-slip and soft material which gets fit securely in the hand. This is all new product which makes use of high grade of stainless steel for head and rest snugly in palm. It comes with an indent where handle meets head, in a way so that your index finger can rest when the pressure is applied to lemon.

What we like about it:

If you are thinking as how to clean a zester like this, then you must know that Oxo zester is dishwasher safe. It comes in a design which offers more control to the user. It is affordable in price and can make your both grating and zesting work much better and easier. It excels well in its part and can be called as the superior quality of product at great price. This zester is also expert’s recommended.

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#3 – Orblue Zester Stainless Steel Grater, Cheese, Lemon, Ginger & Potato Zester

Orblue Zester Stainless Steel Grater, Cheese, Lemon, Ginger Potato Zester Product Image

It is eight inches long, durable, rugged zesters which can completely quickly your entire task of zesting & grating. It comes with a comfort grip which is BPA free and feels nice due to its non-slip feature that keeps everything in control. You can zest and grate garlic, coconuts, hard cheese, chocolate, fruit, lemon, potato, ginger and much more with this best zester. Wash it in your dishwasher or with dish drying towel and dish drying rack soon after its uses. It has a plastic protective covering which covers well sharp stainless steel and makes transportation and storage much better and safer. You can call it as the essential kitchen utensil for all homes, restaurant and hotels.

This Orblue Zester Stainless Steel Grater, Cheese, Lemon, Ginger & Potato Zester comes with some of the special features which states that it comes with machine sharped blade which cuts sharply through the edible product which ranges from potato to soft cheese. Being the best zester grater, it allows convenient and fast food grating. You can find a cover with this zester which offers great storage after its use. You can find it as dishwasher safe which enables all for cleaning them conveniently inside your dishwasher. This comes with a handle that offers comfortable grip and don’t slip while it is wet. It also helps in removing lemon zest with right amount of thoroughness and its delicacy.

What we like about it:

This zester is able in shaving rind off from lemon’s tip. Its teeth are also slice right through the ginger fibers. One can get last bit of the cheese with these best zesters. It comes with narrow plane that will not catch your fingernails or knuckles like another zester usually do. If you are tight on your budget and want a product for both zesting and grating, then the experts have suggested this as one of the top zester for all.

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#4 – KitchenIQ 50196 Better Zester

Kitcheniq 50196 Better Zester Product Image

What is a zester? Looking out for better ways for zesting? If all these questions are running in your mind, then switch to KitchenIQ zester today. Using this Kitchen IQ better zester can be great fun as it can make your zesting effortless. This comes with the combination of V etched teeth & non-slip coat which allows zester for skimming across surface of this rough citrus in a smooth way and produce all thin wisp of the flavorful zest without any grating in bitter pith. Now there will be more zesty fingers or wondering how much amount of zest you need to grate or have grated.

The long cooks always remove zest from the graters by running fingers across blade back and who wants a finger covered with citrus. For such a reason, the KitchenIQ zester is designed for eliminating such an issue. You can now zest without any mess. How much of the zest you need? It is all in its container. If your recipe calls for tablespoon of the lime zest or half tablespoon of the lemon zest, then don’t bother making using of measuring cup. This KitchenIQ better zester container is well marked with the measurement in ml and tsp. Then, what else you need? It is an amazing product for all which is easy to clean and use.

What we liked about it:

The features and benefits of kitchenIQ zester made it as the best product. It can help in zesting all grapefruits, limes, oranges and many more. It produces uniform and even cuts with less force. Its coating which is non-slip allows the food for gliding across blade in smooth way and make clean up as easy and fast. This holds well fresh grated zest & allows cook for placing zest on their dishes in easier way.

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#5 – ZYLISS Easy Grip Citrus Zester

Zyliss Easy Grip Citrus Zester Product Image

Zyliss is one of the top brands known for all their kitchen gadgets (like their top rated can opener!). Similarly, in terms of zester, Zyliss brand is again trending. This is designed mainly for absorbing pressure from the hands and extracts zest & leaves bitter rinds behind. This comes with stainless steel blade that zests well citrus fruits in an easier way and its in-built channel cutter also creates well garnishes for the desserts and drinks. They are perfect for travel, home or to throw in picnic basket too. This zester focuses on the safety, cleanliness, design and durability. It is relied on heritage excellence which started in the Switzerland for about 50 years ago.

Zyliss is one brand which is also known for designing the quality rated kitchen tools for all. It is the one which is best to create strips and thin citrus fruits zest. The thin strips are used to garish and concentrated, citrus or zingy flavor to your dishes. These thick strips can also be used in the marmalades or jams when you need large fruit zest chunks. This zester is having balloon shaped and ergonomic handle for comfortable usage. They are perfect for right & left-hand use and come in yellow or green finishes. They have an extra hard stainless-steel blade which stays completely shape & cuts the fruit rinds in an easier way.

What we like about it:

The best zester from Zyliss includes small holes which help in making thin strips. You can call it as large center of the cutter which is one channel knife for cutting thick pieces. They are dishwasher safe and allow easy and quick zesting. It can sit easily in your palm and can prevent from spinning in hand. You can cut channels in the veggies and fruits for decorative and garnishing work. This zester comes with reasonable price tag.

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How we choose the top zesters in our list:

The experts conducted best research to pick, test and review the top zesters available in the market. They were in search of a product which has super sharp teeth which can shred well potatoes, cheese and can zest all citrus fruits efficiently and easily – just like a cheese grater. When looking out for best ones, they wanted single tool which can tackle well all grating and shredding tasks. They started their search by comparing top zesters which comes with different grater styles. They ask different cooks, restaurant chefs, daily zester users to try and test the top best zesters. They all used them in their daily cooking and came with a verdict to declare them as the top-notch zesters.

As zesters come in different sizes and shapes, they picked up some important features which testing and choosing these products to ensure you buy best one for your needs. They include as,

  1. Material: Most of the zesters, including above mentioned best reviewed zesters are made of stainless steel. You can for this option as they make up a best grater and zester. These reviewed ones are stainless steel of food grade.
  2. Durability: Look out for the ones which has rasp attached firmly to their handle.
  3. Price: Some of the affordable ones are available in the market and the reviewed one are really budget friendly.
  4. Handle: The best one comes with ergonomic handle which are softly padded and don’t slip at all. Make sure you hold them tight and they are comfortable for you while using them.

Different types of Zesters

With the best ability of transforming whole foods in shaving and strips, these zesters & graters can add on intense flavors & varying textures to your cooked foods. Whether it is salty tang of the Parmesan cheese on pizza from our pizza oven or pasta from your pasta maker or even the sour and sweet zip of the orange zest in your pumpkin bread, many of the dishes will not be what they are without using these simple tools of kitchen. To offer you a wide selection and to help you in picking up the best, different type of zesters is reviewed and compared. Have a look on them and select the useful one. It includes as,

  1. Handheld zesters: You can also call them as the manual zesters which are easy for carrying around. It helps in producing thick zest than the other zesters. Length of your zest can be from long to short. They are inexpensive at the same time.
  2. Zip zesters: On the other hand, you can find zip zesters which are same as the table mounted peelers. They are made mainly for busy bars & the bakeries that are looking out for easy zester. You can add on thick peel for your swirled garnishing which usually gets add to drinks sides. You can also create thin ribbons with them. They offer finest zest or the zest strands as compared to handheld zesters.
  3. Rasp: They are molded after class tool of woodworking. They have a narrow and long surface for grating which is good for small task as grating the harder nutmeg or for zesting. They have wider grating plane than zip zesters and handheld ones.

Why you need the best zesters in your kitchen:

A zester is one which is used for creating the extra and fine shavings of different aromatic foods that are filled with all concentrated flavors as nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, garlic, citrus rind, cloves and more. It can also be used for hard cheese as Parmesan. These traditional one’s feature well handheld tool that comes with stainless steel blade and small holes for shredding. All of them work well when you want curled and delicate strips. For fine citrus zest, spices, chocolate like garlic or ginger, they can be ideal option to go for. There are different uses of these top zesters and comes with top benefits which includes as,

  • They help in producing fine and thread like strips of the citrus fruits. Great for when you want to add some flavor to your bread from bread machine or soup in pressure cooker.
  • Allows to create thin and julienned strips of the zest without any bitter white pith on it; much easier than a mandoline slicer or spiralizer
  • They are cheap in their prices and can make zest for garnishing drink or dish easier enough
  • Nothing gets trapped in your zester, so the zest is evenly applied to the food in your cookware
  • Comes in simple design that involves none of the moving parts which can lose over the time or constant use.
  • Helps in removing even the tablespoon of the zest from favorite citrus fruit in a faster way
  • Follows well the instincts of solid cooking

As a result, the top and best zesters are available which can simplify your cooking needs. They act as an ergonomic tool at affordable prices which can last for long years. Get your favorite zester online today.

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