Bond with Your Family this Christmas – 8 Working Activities to Try


Bond with Your Family this Christmas - 8 Working Activities to Try

Think about the time, say, 20 years later, and ask yourself, do your family still want to talk their hearts out with you? Are your kids, relatives, or loved ones excited to meet you on holiday? Do they want to celebrate their Thanksgiving and Christmas with you?

If you have to think even the slightest, it eventually means the answer is no. But guess what? The time has passed, and you cannot do a single thing about it except being lonely and regretting why you did not do what you could.

Hey, hey, come back! You were only to imagine this all along.

Bricks and mortar make a house, but it is the family that makes it a home. The good thing about it, you have time to acknowledge what you can do to make the situation better. In the end, what matters is that you tried.

If we have to decide the best time to develop a healthy bond with our family, it has to be Christmas Eve. Spending time is the initial step to the road of a good family relationship, and what could be a better time to spend with your family other than Christmas?

Not sure how can you bond with your family this Christmas? We have brought together different fun activities you can try.

#1 Pre-prep Your Ingredients

Let’s be honest. Christmas is the season of food!

Make a healthy start and pre-prep your dinner ingredients. Nothing can beat the taste of a home-cooked meal prepared with your kids and loved ones. Make unforgettable memories by trying out different recipes like Chicken Mozzarella, Christmas Ham, Salami Sandwiches, Sausage Pizza, and so much more.

A sausage & salami slicer machine can come in handy in such a situation to make your preparation easy, safe, and quick.

#2 Let’s Pizza Party

Pizza makes everything better!

Everyone loves Christmas, and one fun way to celebrate it with your family is a pizza party. You can do so much with a home-made pizza. Choose fun toppings, like chocolate, honey, pineapple, egg, bulgogi, noodles, sausages, etc.

Whatever you can think of, just top it.

You can try different and unique sauces at home to make your pizza party extra cheesy. Pumpkin sauce, tapenade, ranch, pepper jelly, romesco, chimichurri, and soy-miso sauce are some of the easy and delicious pizza sauces you can try at your Christmas Pizza Party.

#3 Fun bake-Off

Dessert? Why not!

Christmas is incomplete without sweetness, and a fun bake-off on Christmas can be a great activity you can try to be a little closer to your family. Set the ingredients, gather around the kitchen, and be the pantry chef of the night.

Christmas cookies, Santa cakes, Gingerbread house, Candy cone, Cookie & cream sandwich, Apple pie, and Christmas pinwheel cookies are some of the desserts you can try. Every family member can bake one dessert each and rate each other’s masterpieces at the end.

#4 Binge Watch Christmas Movies

We are planning movie nights all year, then why not arrange one this Christmas too?

Some movies are perfect for every holiday, but Christmas movies should serve the purpose of brightening up the mood. It can keep the festive spirit high and allows you to cuddle with your family.

Wear your Christmas pajamas, bring some snacks, get your hot cocoa, set your blankets, and hit the play button. You can also light the space with fancy twinkling lights to add that extra Christmas effect to your movie night.

#5 Relive Memories

Moments disappear, Memories live!

Photobooks and scrapbooks are a perfect way to relive old memories. Isn’t it special to create one with your family?

You can dress up in funny costumes and take pictures to get a good laugh. Use these memorable pictures to make photo albums or scrapbooks every Christmas to revive the memories whenever you feel like, “it’s that time of the year..”

Round up around your fireplace, and share those good old stories. Prepare a video capturing little messages from each family member and watch it on Christmas night.

#6 Print the Santa Out (Not Literally!)

Believe in Santa!

Santa printing activity can provide a fun chance to spend time with your family. Print the classic Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, Elf, Rudolph, Snowman, Olaf, or any other character you like. Distribute the prints and let the painting begin.

Another cool way to celebrate this activity is by handcrafting. Be funky and design your characters. You can use crayons, watercolors, markers, paint, or even cotton balls. Use these handicrafts to decorate or utilize them in your scrapbook or photo albums.

#7 Christmas Wish Cards

Write your heart out!

Oh wait, what are you thinking? How can we skip the Christmas Wish Cards activity? We got you!

Shower your family with hearty wish cards created by your blood, sweat, and tears (uhuh, no, not that BTS song). You can create your Christmas wish cards together, and this can be your perfect bonding moment. Store these cards in a family memory box and read them at the end of the night.

#8 Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Your dish is prepared, dessert is ready, the dinner table is made, now how can we forget the highlight of Christmas? Yes, we’re talking about the Christmas tree!

Wrap the lights around it, place Santa stuff toys, and put elf on the leaves. Christmas tree decoration with family can get everyone closer and gives a sense of spirit for a wonderful night.

Final Verdict

A happy family makes a blissful home. Being together is what counts, and no time can be greater than Christmas to create a healthy and strong bond with your family. You don’t have to be fancy and create an extra mess. Simple errands can also do the deed and help you make that connection stronger.

Do you have any traditional activities you try with your family every Christmas? We would love to know. Share with Us!

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