Home Hero Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Utensils – 25 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

Home Hero Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Utensils - 25 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

The Home Hero kitchen Utensil set is a complete and appealing cutlery set, meant to enhance the presentation of your dining table. The luxurious design of the cookware provides a good yet attractive display in your kitchen space.

Key Features

Components of the Set

It is compromised of 25 different pieces of kitchen utensils that include, skimmer, spoons, spatula, turner, bottle opener, potato peeler, grater, a pizza cutter. The set has everything that you need in your kitchen pantry. The broad range of different accessories makes the set multifunctional.  The set also features a non-scratch and flexible silicone spatula, which is a real deal! Its silicone head can bear a higher temperature range i.e. -22°F to 392°F.


From serving to the grating, cutting to turning, the premium cookware set is at your disposal to perform a variety of different cooking tasks. The serving spoons are of universal design that one could use with different dinner sets. The tongs provide firm and convenient handling of the pots and pans.


Every kitchen Utensil of the set is made up of top-grade stainless steel that has life-long durability. Besides, each utensil is coated with a non-stick ceramic layer which gives a smooth touch to the utensils and facilitates easy cleaning.


The Home Hero kitchen Utensil set is dishwasher-friendly. However, it is recommended to place these kitchen utensils on the top section of the dish rack. Besides, the lighter weight of 4.69 pounds makes it an easy-to-carry and easy to handle cookware.

Excellent Customer Care Service

Home Hero is known for its efficient customer care services. Prompt response within 24 hours in case of any trouble query is guaranteed. Moreover, the premium set is delivered within a completely safe packaging to prevent any damage during transportation.

Customer Reviews

This kitchen utensil set has received 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon.  73% of the users who rated it gave it the perfect 5-star score. The product has received ratings by 1678 users so far!