What Can You Add to Improve the Taste of Heinz Baked Beans? Read on.


Heinz Baked Beans come in a mild tomato sauce and are seasoned with sugar, salt, spirit vinegar, spice extracts and onion extract (Here are some great onion choppers for you!). But if you want to improve the taste of Heinz Baked Beans, what can you add?

Add Peas to Heinz Baked Beans

Beans and peas are a great combination. In fact, if I serve Heinz Baked Beans and peas at the same time, I almost always mix the two together. Save time by combining freshly cooked Heinz Baked Beans and peas before you dish up.

Add Barbecue Sauce to Heinz Baked Beans

Heinz Baked Beans come in many different varieties in the UK such as curry, original, reduced sodium and much more. The most popular still has to be the original variety of Heinz Baked Beans. But if you are looking for a new way to enjoy the taste of Heinz Baked Beans, add a teaspoonful of BBQ sauce, such as A1 sauce. Stir until it is combined and serve alongside burgers, hot dogs and steak.

Add Fresh Herbs to Heinz Baked Beans

Fresh herbs have the ability to transform a dish into a new taste sensation. Add fresh herbs such as mint, oregano or basil to a batch of heated Heinz Baked Beans.

Add Poached Egg to Heinz Baked Beans

A common way to serve beans on toast is with a poached or fried egg. But to actually alter the taste of the Heinz Baked beans, shred or slice the poached egg, mix it in with the beans and then add ketchup, mustard or HP Sauce.

Heinz Baked Beans taste great just the way they are, but if you are tired of the same old taste every time you open a can of beans, consider some of the suggestions mentioned above. Add peas to Heinz Baked Beans for even more fiber and for a slightly crunchy texture that children will love. Or add a dash of barbecue sauce in keeping with a barbecue themed meal. You can also add fresh herbs or shredded poached egg topped with ketchup, mustard or HP Sauce for a more substantial, filling meal.

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