Carnivore Club Review – Is It The Best Cured Meat Subscription Box?

Carnivore Club Subscription Box Review

If you are a true carnivore and cured meat lover, then you certainly need to know what is the best-cured meat subscription box. Maybe you are already a member of some cured meat of the month club, salami of the month club or any other monthly meat club, and you are subscribed to a monthly meat box. But if you somehow missed these chances to surprise yourself every month with some exceptional and delicious meat products, then you need to try and subscribe to a proper meat subscription box.

That is the reason why we want to take a Carnivore club review for you, as it is the best meat box subscription you can find on the market, so you can be sure you will get the best service and great products for your money.

A brief history of Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club is an exclusive club specialized for discerning carnivores and true meat lovers. Members of the carnivore club receive each month a faux-wood box fulfilled with handcrafted cured meats made by top artisans. Every product in a box has an individual recipe with a unique taste, and every month the Carnivore Club picks the different artisan to spotlight their cured meat products. Carnivore club prefers artisans that use locally sourced ingredients and purchase only ethically treated animals. And it is the main reason why their boxes are full of first-rate and tasteful cured meat.

Each month is topical, and it is around one artisan who specializes in a distinct style of cured meats – Italian salami, French charcuterie, artisanal jerky, South African biltong, Spanish chorizo, etc. Every manufacturer is a passionate meat producer who makes great cured meat products. And if you are asking for names, here is the list of artisans whose products have found the place in a Carnivore Club subscription box.

What was in previous boxes?

Carnivore Club Product ImageWe already spoke about Carnivore Club’s principle – one month, one artisan, and now we want to take a closer look what you could find in previous boxes.

Artisan Meats & Cheeses make their products from naturally raised and locally sourced pork from Lazy SR Ranch based in Montana. They are finding the inspiration from Italy, France, and Spain but they are also mixing classic recipes with new techniques and ingredients. For a subscription box, Carnivore Club picked up their Classic Peperone, Saucisson Sec, Salametti, Chorizo and Orange Peel Wild Fennel. It is surely the great mix of carnivore meats.

Aux Delices De Bois is based in New Jersey, and owners are supporting local sustainable farmers to get the best meat for their products. You can bet there is no added hormones or artificial nitrates. They use traditional recipes to make delightful meat products. Carnival Club decided to take these items for a subscription box – Toscano Italian Salami, Uncured Chorizo, Uncured Genoa and Uncured Pepperoni. You can notice this was a special box with some uncured meat you could use for cooking.

Braaitime is the place in New York where you can taste the authentic South African meats, and they are in business for more than twelve years. Traditional recipes passed down for generations, and you can be sure there is no better South African meat experience. Their products are made only from the highest quality cuts of beef. In a subscription box, you could find Biltong Slab, Chorizo Droewors, Garlic Parsley Biltong, Chili Bites and a Venison Biltong.

Another great artisan’s firm on this list is Miami Smokers. Established by two chefs and self-proclaimed smoke whisperers, Miami Smokers offers you the best-made bacon made from local high quality and responsibly raised hogs. In a Carnivore Club’s subscription box there was place for Miami Smokers’ Bacon, The Vintage Bacon, Candied Bacon, Bacon Jerky and Toasted-Crispie Treat. For all bacon lovers, this box would be a gift from heaven.

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Three types of boxes to choose from

If you want to check out the Carnivore Club meat subscription, you will be able to choose from three different types of boxes – Snack, Classic and Wooden Crate box.

Snack Box

Carnivore Club Snack Box Product Image

The Snack Box is for those who like their meat to-go. This type of box will bring you two different artisans each month with 4-6 meaty snack products like pepperettes, salami chips, and premium jerky. With each snack box, you will get a Meat-Eaters Handbook where you can find stories about artisans and products featured on the box. The Snack Box is the cheapest, but you will get some delicious items with a great story behind them.

Classic Box

Carnivore Club Classic Box Product Image

The Classic Box offers you some traditional charcuterie products from South African Biltong to the French Jambon. Every month you will get tasty meat from a different artisan, packed in a Classic Carnivore Club Box. Again, you will get a handbook where you will find all about these high quality and unique products.

Wooden Crate

Carnivore Club Wooden Crate Product Image

The Wooden Crate Box is the most expensive, but it is for those who want to impress any meat lover. Charcuterie products packaged in a beautiful handmade box could be a great gift for all carnivores, but also a nice addition to your family gathering on the weekend.

Specialty Boxes

If you want more, there are Specialty Boxes specially made as a gift of meat, so if you want to surprise someone, this could be a great deal for you. Exotic Barbecue Box is another special offer if you want to impress your guests when you decide to put some meat on the grill. You can also get a carnivore club discount code when you sign up.


After a lot of meat of the month club reviews, we can say Carnivore Club is a great meat lovers club with a quite interesting supply. We already talked about food dehydration and how to do it at home, but if you want some unusual products on your table, then Carnivore Club is probably the best-cured meat subscription box. It is a great charcuterie club when you can order carnivore specialties.

To complement the comfort, you can serve the meat with our delicious cornbread and some mushrooms. And if you like to use mustard in cooking, which is a nice addition to meat, here are some useful tips.

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