How Long Do Potatoes Last?

How Long Do Potatoes Last

There are a lot of people out there that believe that a dinner or a lunch without potatoes isn’t really food. It’s just the fact that potatoes make almost everything better. These vegetables are just universally loved, but that’s no news. They can be cooked and served in a variety of ways. You can’t say …

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Can You Freeze Jello?

Can You Freeze Jello

You know it. You probably love it. Jello has been one of the most popular treats for decades now. It comes in various colors and fruity flavors, and it’s universally enjoyed by kids and grownups alike. Personally, if I’m to choose between a Chocolate Fountain, a Teapot, a Ramekin and Souffle Dish, or a jello …

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How to Tell if Chicken is Bad?

How To Tell If Chicken Is Bad

In the huge pool of edible meats out there, chicken is surely the most popular one out of the bunch all around the world. That is due to the wide variety of tastes that you can apply to a chicken while cooking it, how relatively cheap chicken is in comparison to other meat, and its …

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