Can You Freeze Pudding? How to Do So?


Can You Freeze PuddingMost of us, I’m sure, know that pudding is a savory dessert, but can also be a dish in itself.

The word “pudding” comes from the French word “boudin” which means small sausage.

In the United Kingdom, pudding is used to refer to savory and sweet dishes. In Canada and the United States, it is a milk-based, delicious dessert with a consistency similar to mousse or custards. It even rivals Ice Cream and the different kinds of Chocolate Fountain for the title of the best North American dessert.

I grew up eating lots of pudding – who wasn’t! My mom would often serve us a warm bowl after we finish our meals.

There is evidence that chocolate pudding has been enjoyed since the early 1700s. And during the 18th century, the pudding was usually served to soldiers boarding the ships of the Royal Navy.

Like yogurt, pudding is one of the easiest homemade desserts out there while tasting amazing. Maybe it’s time to replace your Yogurt Maker, Ice Cream Maker, Crepe Maker, and even your Coffee Maker with a  pudding maker, right?

You can make it in less than ten minutes if you want to serve it with freshly whipped cream. And your kids will love it! Time to grab your Whipped Cream Dispenser!

Pudding is usually made either on the Gas Cooktop or a baking oven and consists of Sugar, milk and thickening agents such as eggs, tapioca, gelatin, rice or cornstarch. Similar to Jello, it comes either in the form of pre-packaged readymade or instant, cook to prepare. No matter of the form, there are regular, reduced fat, sugar-free and non-fat versions.

How many times did you end up with a quite bit of extra pudding when you were making recipes that include it?

There is only so much pudding which can go between the cake’s layers or in a pie crust! I had the same issue too many times, which led me to the question: can you freeze pudding?

Well, I have great news for you – that creamy, delicious pudding don’t have to go waste, and you can always freeze it for later use, and with surprisingly good results!

Pudding freezes pretty well, and an excellent way to use up milk which is on its way out is to make a pudding and freeze it! Its versatility is convenient if you want to make pudding-filled desserts such as pudding pies, in advance of an event. And having a frozen dessert ready in the Chest Freezer could prove handy in case of an unexpected guest.

But be careful – while the pudding component will freeze well, the fruit tends to seep moisture when frozen, and any cookies might become soggy. So, my advice to you is to consider adding toppings right after the dessert is removed from the freezer.

How to Freeze Pudding?

Well, there are a few different ways that I know, and I’ll share them with you. Also, to make and freeze a dessert with a pudding filling or layer, you could also freeze containers of pudding on their own for later use.

Freezing this dessert is pretty simple, and when done correctly, it can keep your leftover pudding safe for consumption for up to three months. And before freezing it, I recommend you to let it cool, especially if you have baked bread pudding. That shouldn’t take more than two minutes on the Cooling Rack.

If you have baked bread pudding, you should cut it into small pieces so that it would be much easier for you to store it in the fridge. Wrap those pieces properly using an aluminum foil or plastic wrap. By doing so, you will protect it against elements.

When pudding freezes, its consistency becomes like that of a creamy and rich ice cream. That holds true for store bought mixes, rice pudding, homemade puddings, and even tapioca pudding.

Because of this, frozen pudding can make a delicious treat on its own – just freeze it for a few hours in a Food Storage Container and grab a spoon! Unlike storing pudding in the Compact Refrigerator, the skin will not form on the top of the frozen pudding, so you don’t need to worry about covering it with plastic wrap before placing it in the freezer storage container.

Making popsicles is another excellent way to freeze your favorite dessert! You just have to distribute pudding in popsicle molds or little plastic cups, insert sticks and freeze. I tell you, these are great to have a quick snack for your kids or an easy way to cool down in warm months, as they are very easy to make.

It goes similar to gelating pudding and freezing it is also easy.

Here Is a Tip Which I Like to Share

Whisk the gelatin pudding with two cups of cold milk. After that, pour the mixture into plastic cup and insert wooden pop sticks into the center of each cup. Freeze for at least five hours.

Frozen pudding may be stored for four to six weeks, though frozen desserts including pudding should be frozen for no more than one month. Just make sure to seal any containers tightly and with desserts, make sure to cover them completely, not leaving any parts exposed to the air.

How to Thaw Pudding?

Thawing pudding, just like the freezing, is simple.

I put the frozen pudding in the fridge overnight, so that it will thaw nicely. After that, I can enjoy melted pudding as a snack or I can use it in a recipe from a Cookie Cookbook the following day.

Well, it’s also possible to thaw the pudding at room temperature, for a few hours. I wouldn’t recommend this, especially when thawing a pudding pie. Doing so would expose it to moisture which the crust of the pie would absorb.

And speaking of pudding pie, I tend to follow a recipe which is high in fat and low in liquids. Just think of crushed cookie crust. That will enable the crust of the pie to maintain its texture while being thawed.

How Can You Tell If the Pudding Is Spoiled?

There are specific health risks associated with spoiled foods, so always remember to practice proper food safety and hygiene as it will help prevent foodborne illness.

Even though it’s not a perfect test, your senses are typically the most reliable means to tell if your ready-packaged dessert has expired.

You can tell a pudding has gone bad when there are pockets of liquid which are separated from other ingredients. You can also know that if you see dark mold or light bacterial marks on its surface.

Another sign that you have to discard pudding in the Garbage Disposal is a bitter, sharp flavor instead of the typical sweet taste. It happened to me a few times, trust me – you will notice the difference.

A dry pudding mix is still right if it has been appropriately stored, remained dry and is within the eat-by date.


Pudding, like most foods, is safe to be stored in the freezer.

By doing this, you can extend the storage life of the pudding for up to three months.

And for some puddings, like gelatin one, you can turn them into frozen pops. Always keep in mind that the texture of the pudding might change a bit in the chest freezer.

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