Mince Pies Baking Tips

How to Prevent Mince Pies from Crumbling

Mince pies are a delectable British treat consisting of candied fruit, spices and a few drops of alcohol, such as brandy or rum. If you are baking your very own mince pies, how can you prevent the mince pies from crumbling? Mix in the Dry Ingredients First One of the secrets to a good mince …

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How To Make Cookie Frosting

How to Frost Cookies

Homemade frosted cookies are as much fun to make as they are to eat. Here is a quick and easy recipe for basic cookie frosting and step-by step directions on how to frost cookies. How To Make Cookie Frosting This is a basic cookie frosting recipe that can be used as white frosting or tinted …

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No-Bake Smores cookies & Thin mint copycat

No Bake Christmas Cookie Recipes

In our fast paced society, with families going in many different directions, we have to make a conscious effort to spend quality time together. Christmas is a time of year for families to slow down and come together. It’s a time to make memories. For our family, Christmas is the time of year when my …

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Christmas Pretzel Cookies Recipe

How to Make Quick and Easy Christmas Pretzel Cookies

I’ve just discovered a quick and easy Christmas Pretzel Cookie recipe. The recipe didn’t come with a name, so I named the recipe Christmas Pretzel Cookies. Original, huh! Christmas Pretzel Cookies Ingredients 1 bag of Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzels. Doesn’t have to be this brand, but bag needs to say “mini pretzels.” For my …

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