Cheaper Alternatives: Baked Beans

As I have mentioned quite a few times before, I have been trying to find ways to reduce my monthly food bill, mostly by looking for cheaper alternatives to my regular brands of food items.

One of the items I have been hunting for on a regular basis is baked beans; mostly because we eat these as a side dish more than anything else. Most recently, that hunt led to me trying baked beans from the Happy Harvest brand.

I knew of the Happy Harvest brand from before because I have purchased canned vegetables with that label and opened with a can opener. However, until a couple days ago, I never knew they made baked beans too. The brand certainly is affordable so I was hoping maybe we would get some quality too.

When I first made the baked beans, I had my doubts about this brand. One of my pet peeves about cheaper brands is they tend to be a bit too much on the soupy side. I usually have baked beans with hamburgers, brats, etc. and dislike baked beans with a thinner sauce because it tends to run all over the plate and soak into the bun. So, the fact this one did not offer a thicker sauce did result in me taking some points away from it.

The beans also didn’t offer anything in terms of meat; more specifically, bacon. I love having bacon in my baked beans and, once again, I was disappointed.

However, after trying the beans, I will confess they weren’t too bad.

With the exception of the meat, I couldn’t tell much difference between this brand and some more expensive brands I have purchased. There were plenty of beans and, even though it was on the thin side, the sauce had a pretty decent blend of seasonings in it. Normally, when I have cheaper brands, I’m lucky if I can stomach one serving of them. But, I had three helpings of this brand.

Normally, my tight budget is always going to force me to choose the cheapest brand I can find. So, even if I wasn’t a huge fan of this brand, I probably would end up buying them again. However, even though there were things I didn’t like about the Happy Harvest baked beans, I do feel they did offer enough quality where purchasing this brand wouldn’t be as much of a sacrifice as it would be with other brands. If you haven’t tried this brand, I would suggest giving it a chance.

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