Cooking and Dating: How to Impress Your Match with Your Culinary Talent


We all know the most common form of date is the tried and true “dinner and a movie.” Why is that? According to the survey conducted among the users of the popular dating site Quickflirt, people most often choose restaurants for their first date, because a joint meal helps to better know your partner, as well as evaluate his manners and culture of behavior. When you’re trying to impress your date, there are some aspects you need to understand.

Cooking and Dating: How to Impress Your Match with Your Culinary Talent

Eating habits and character

Eating habits have a lot to do with your overall character, so you have to be mindful of everything that you do while preparing dinner if you’re having your partner over. For starters, you want to demonstrate that you believe in order and elegance.

That means setting the table, having water and another drink available, and using the proper plates and cutlery. You’re literally setting yourself up for success by having a pleasant environment in which to eat. It shows that you think of your comfort and your date’s, and they’ll appreciate the effort.

Basic table manners are another thing to watch. You can eat like an animal when you’re alone, but it’s a good idea to cut your food into acceptable bites before eating it. You’ll also want to consider keeping your elbows off the table, talking with your mouth closed, and not asking a question when your date has food in their mouth.

These are some basic table manners that some people haven’t mastered. These habits are also something that you’ll have to refine instead of allowing them to wane if they make you uncomfortable.

Upgrade your cooking skills

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to impress your date with your cooking skills. While you might not have to make a complicated dish like foie gras, you should be able to do more than crack an egg and fry it up. You are not simply cooking for your partner.

You’re showing them that you have the skills and ability to take care of yourself and others. It’s something that men and women look for in a partner because nobody wants to be a caregiver to their partner all the time. It couldn’t hurt to take some time to practice your cooking skills before inviting someone over.

You could check out some videos online and apply your knowledge during a test run. You might even want to take a cooking class if you’re completely new to the world of culinary creation. This way, you’re spending less time focused on making the dish and more time talking with your date and impressing them with your level of comfort in the kitchen. When they walk in the door, you shouldn’t even need a recipe in front of you to create the dish. Of course, you should keep it handy just in case.

First home romantic dinner: what to cook?

What are you going to make for dinner when your partner comes over? While you might be tempted to make a dish because “everyone likes that”, you might want to reconsider. Some people are allergic to specific foods or have an adverse reaction.

For this reason, the single most important question that you have to ask is whether your date likes what you are trying to cook. You should have a number of different ideas in your mind and the skills to follow through with them. That way, you could impress a pasta-lover just as easily as a person that would love to eat a good homemade hamburger.

Some of the best dishes to make are London broil and mashed potatoes, chicken and asparagus, a pasta dish like ravioli, or the tried and true hamburger fresh from the grill if you’re feeling brave. Just make sure you have at least some practice cooking the meal before you attempt to cook it up. Otherwise, it could result in a cooking fiasco and the two of you will need to settle for some takeout in a hurry!

Cooking together is the best way to get closer

While it may be good manners for you to cook for your date the first time, it’s very helpful to invite your partner into the kitchen from then on out. Cooking is a fantastic way for the two of you to get closer. You’ll have the chance to pick out a recipe together. It can be something that only you know, or both of you could choose a dish that is common knowledge. The point of cooking these dishes together is to learn from one another or to teach. You can see how your partner reacts to success with you and failures, too. That can tell you a lot about a person without having to move in with them.

Cooking also brings people close together both physically and emotionally. When you consider the fact that so much of our family lives are centered around food, it’s easy to see how people can share more personal details with their date when the two are cooking.

You might have a recipe for cookies that your mother passed down from her mother, or your date may have a secret sauce that they use to marinate chicken. You’ll both become a lot closer by sharing these little moments and working together with one another to achieve a common goal. It also helps to have a partner to do dishes.

Cooking is something that everyone should be able to do for their own sake. It’s also very helpful if you can cook and talk so you can entertain a guest while making a delicious meal. Nobody is born with these skills, though.

Take some time to refine your cooking through diligent practice and learning through videos or in-person classes, and you’ll have the chance to truly impress your date. Cooking is about more than sharing a nice meal. It’s a way to build connections with people so you can test your compatibility. The next time you’re in the kitchen with someone, pay attention to all the subtle benefits that we’ve mentioned.

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