How to Choose The Best Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Kitchen

How to Choose The Best Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Kitchen

Kitchen, usually being the most productive space in a home, necessarily needs to be taken good care of. As for the cooking lovers, there’s no specific timings and moods to cook delicacies, and the kitchen has to be responsibly perfect for them, whether it’s the daylight or the gloomy nights. Not letting the surrounding lights become a severe barrier during the cooking, installing the best under cabinet lighting comes into the picture.

Under Cabinet Lighting, as the name suggests, the lighting facility is added underneath the cabinets to illuminate the kitchen counter-tops for a better and clear vision and to teach some classic vibes all over the house. Under-cabinet lighting brightens the glory of the graphite counter-tops and adds up beautifying the kitchen a little more.

Besides, doing so also adds up more curb appeal to the overall asset, enhancing the overall value of your home in return. But choosing the best under cabinet lighting might be a bit confusing for those who wish to decorate their cooking spaces with something amazing yet comfortable. This blog talks about the necessities and considerations for deciding upon the best under cabinet lighting selection and installation.

Here are some needful points to keep in mind while choosing among the best under cabinet lighting for your kitchen-

Selection of the Space and Positioning

For selecting the space and positioning the under cabinet lighting, it’s crucial to have a keen observation and judgment of the space available in the kitchen. It’s critical to choose such an area under the cabinets for the lighting that is easier to hide the wiring and makes the spot under the cabinet look seamless and clean. To select and fit the best under cabinet lighting, let us look at their different types:

Light Bars

Lightbars are thin and long light emitting bars that result in being very convenient when placed under the cabinets that need a full exposure of light. LED light bars work as a better alternative when it comes to long-lasting light bars. They are more popular as well as easier to install.

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Puck Lights

Puck lights are round and short lights having a diameter of about 2 to 3 inches. These lights are usually fitted at the gap of 8 to 12 inches and are easily fixed into the cabinetry that needs ample light coverage over the surfaces.

Strip Lights

Strip lights, also known as Tape lights, are useful to be fitted at small places. Because of their high flexibility, strip lights work best when there’s a need to cut them at any point required. Thus, these are an effective solution for the areas where installing ordinary lights is a difficulty.

Wireless Rechargeable Lights

As the name itself declares the quality of these kinds of under cabinet lights, the wireless rechargeable lights are a go-to when the installer needs to avoid messing the wiring work. Being wireless, these lights look seamlessly elegant in the kitchen and are often used popularly because of their rechargeability.

Power Supply and Voltage

Before installing the best under cabinet lighting, the power supply and the voltage capacity are two essential things that need to be checked thoroughly for a smooth working ahead. The range of power supply varies from direct-wire to plug-in to battery operated. Direct-wire cabinet lights need an electrician’s help for expert professional installation. Plug-in under cabinet lights need an outlet that’s nearby, and battery-operated lights require switching batteries frequently. Talking about the voltage, puck lights work on a comparatively low voltage; thus, you might also need a transformer. Therefore, keeping a check on the energy is a certain task for installing under cabinet lighting.

Light Fixture Types

Light fixture types depend on the area where the lighting has to be implemented. Like while using them for the kitchen counter-tops, light bars can help illuminate broad surfaces. In spaces that do not need high-impact task lighting, puck lights can be used. In the enclosed areas needing more light, tape lights can be installed.

Easy Installation Wiring and Performance

Plug-ins and hard wiring are the two kinds of installation processes used for the best under cabinet lighting. Plug-in wiring is more cost-effective than the laborious wiring process. Some installations are battery-powered and do not need any wiring further. The ease of tubing should be given attention to a clean lighting installation. The effectiveness of the best under cabinet lighting will only be judged by the energy efficiency and the lights’ performance. The lighting has to be installed of a genuinely good quality that lasts longer and is cost-saving too.

Dimmers and Remote Features

The modern and trending best under cabinet lighting include the features of dimmers and remote facility. These features are extremely made into use because of the comfort they provide to the users. Dimmers are helpful when the requirement of lowering and increasing the light brightness arrives. They dim the light capacity helping the user to save energy up to a conspicuous level. Dimmers work the best for the people with low-eyesight who do not need any high-intensity lighting. Remotes, too, make the work way easier by letting the controller operate the under cabinet lighting from afar. They come with several automatic controls that let users work the light up from anywhere within the specified range.

Consistency and Style

The installation of the under cabinet lighting must be consistent with the contrasting color tones used in the kitchen, matching its floor and cabinets. This will effortlessly draw attention towards the classy installation lighting work and give a stylish appearance to the overall kitchen.

Final Words

By following these points at the installation of lighting, you will find the kitchen the most favorite place in your house. Consider these points while you plan on purchasing and fitting lights to your kitchen to gather the guests’ attention at best under cabinet lighting. Following these six easy points will make your lighting installation a lot easier to achieve.