Cooking Is a Passion Cause We Love to Eat


As a growing young man, I love to eat. I’ll eat almost any kind of vegetable and fruit, as well as most fish and poultry, and some meats. Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Korean cuisine are my favorite types of food. Out of those ethnic foods, my favorites are taco ring, tortellini and chicken with broccoli, Asian dumplings on the side. Because I love to eat, I also find it fun and entertaining to cook and bake my own meals. I also find it very relaxing. It’s fun being in control of what I eat and what I put in my meals, as well as seeing what goes into.

I cannot say cooking is a passion of mine, but I do love to cook and bake. When I do cook, I sometimes cook alone, but most of the time I am helping someone else cook. I am still learning the ways of cooking, as I do not know a lot about cooking, and have only recently begun cooking. What I do know about cooking is not much. I cannot name all of the things I can cook or things I can do cooking wise. I do not know all of the terms, but I do know that I can brown meat, make spaghetti, and make tacos, and a bit more.

Baking foods I find easier to do than cooking meals mostly because I have done more baking than cooking throughout my life. I’m still a beginner when it comes to baking, as there is always something new to learn when it comes to food. With baking, all you do is add ingredients, mix, put the mixture into the oven, and let it cook, all the while making sure it does not burn. Because of the time it takes to bake food, you can go about doing other things as well while you wait for the baking to finish and occasionally check on it.

The smell that wafts throughout the house as a meal is being cooked or cookies being baked from scratch is almost like heaven. I love the smell of baking or cooking. Both cooking and baking relax me, and give me a time to take my mind off daily stress by focusing my attention on making meals correctly. So not only am I cooking food that I love to eat, but also relaxing my mind after a long day of work.

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