Creating a Bake Sale Fundraising Event

Bake sales are popular fundraisers for schools, churches, and kids clubs. These delicious fundraisers are events that everyone can participate in and don’t cost any money to set up. To have a successful bake sale, all that’s required is a bunch of donated cookies and baked items, a table, a change box and a staff of volunteers to run the event.

Of course to make money at a bake sale, you need to be organized and have some sort of instinct as to how things must be packaged and sold. If this is your first time organizing a bake sale fundraising event, these tips will help.

Bake to the market. Traditional bake sale favorites for kids seem to include chocolate cookies (3″ in diameter or larger), cupcakes, brownies, Rice Crispie treats, lemon bars, and pretty much anything with chocolate in it. These are all excellent choices for a school bake sale. But, if your market includes an older crowd, be sure to have things like batter breads (pumpkin bread, pound cake, etc made from your bread machine), pies, strudel, and tarts in the items to be sold.

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When sending out the request for homemade bake sale cookies and other baked items, it helps to share these ideas with your volunteers so they know what kind of bakery items to donate. Without guidance, there’s no telling what you might end up with.

Package items in affordable quantities. No matter how yummy those cookies and baked goodies look, they won’t sell if they are not affordably priced. Part of keeping the price affordable is packaging the bake sale items in small quantities that can be priced according to the market.

For school bake sales, most kids won’t have much more than a dollar to spend which is why individually priced goods make sense. Church bake sales or charity bake sales can get away with charging a little bit more which means cookies can be priced by the dozen and cakes, pies, and batter breads can be sold uncut.

Your volunteers who do the baking should also be instructed how the cookies and bars are to wrapped  amp; packaged. This will help save you the aggravation of having to repack and relabel the day of the sale.

Put a good price on the items. Yes, we all know bake sales are fundraisers, but few people will buy overpriced cookies no matter how good the cause. Put a fair price on your bakery items and they will fly out the door, which after all is the goal. We recommend individually pricing each item with a little round sticker which will save you countless questions of “How much is this cookie?”

Get lots of volunteers to staff the table. Tables quickly get mobbed with people at bake sales, so there should be at least 6-8 people to staff the event. You’ll need at least 2 people to restock the tables, two people to make change, and two people to help customers and add up the cost of the items sold. Do stock the register with plenty of coinage and dollar bills, and have paper bags available for people who want to buy lost of goodies.

Remember to advertise the event. Bake sales should be advertised starting a week before the actual fundraiser. Posters can be hung on the walls of the school, and the notice should be printed in the church bulletin, club newsletter, school newspaper or however other media that will reach the buyers.

Bake sales are really easy fundraisers to organize. With these instructions, good volunteers, and plenty of delicious homemade cookies and other treats, your fundraising event is bound to be a success.