Decorate Easter Basket Cupcakes

Easter Basket Cupcakes

You can use your favorite store bought cupcakes or cup cake mix and transform them into Easter basket cupcakes with the kids. It only takes a few minutes to decorate Easter Basket cupcakes and it is such a fun craft!

Kids of all ages can make this simple craft, but be sure to have few extra on hand for nibbling along the way.

To Decorate Easter Basket Cupcakes You Will Need:

  • Pre Basket Cupcakes
  • Pastel Icing
  • Pipe Cleaners or Wired Ribbon
  • Beads
  • Jelly Beans
  • Mini Marshall Easter Bunnies or Chicks

To get started go ahead and ice the top of each cup cake in pastel color. You can also use a green icing to mimic grass in the Easter basket.

Now, take one pipe cleaner, about 5 inches long in a pastel color as well. Slide three beads onto the middle of the pipe cleaner.

You can use shiny pastel beads, glass beads, or any leftover beads for your craft box. Make sure they slide securely onto the pipe cleaner. You do not want them to fall off or move and accidentally be eaten.

You can use a small dot of hot glue inside each bead once they ar en place if they are not tight enough. You could also use 2 pip cleaners.

Now, Bend the pipe cleaner with the beads in the middle into a U shape.

Press each end into the cupcake to form the handle of the basket.

Now, on to filling up the inside of the Easter basket cupcakes. You can simply lay some small jelly beans to act as Easter eggs in the middle. This is a cute look if you put three or five eggs in the middle.

You can also use those super yummy malt chocolate Easter eggs that taste like Whoppers. Any Easter candy in an egg shape will do.

If you are lucky enough to find those mini marshmallow Easter Bunny and chicks these also look great places in the basket, just like a doll!

Get creative and have some fun decorating thee Easter basket cup cakes. This is a fun craft to make during a party, plus eating them is not half bad!

Tip: Take these same ideas and make an Easter basket cake as well. Use the longest pipe cleaners you can find. You can also use ribbon that has built in sturdy wire. This way it will hold the handle shape for the Easter basket.

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