Dessert Trays

Dessert trays can have multiple functions. They can serve as gifts, an edible centerpiece on your dining or coffee table or as an appetizer tray at a party. I like to include a dessert tray when I have company over for dinner. This way I have a variety of tastes to fit diverse palettes. Even at work sometimes we bring different baked goods to munch on during the day.

If you are giving a dessert tray as a gift, make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion. (You might not want to give your mother one on Mother’s Day!) Also, take the time to learn a few of the person’s likes and dislikes so you’ll know what to include.

One suggestion is to put your baked products on a decorative plate (that the recipient can keep) or in a small basket or a small box, cover with colored cellophane, tie with a bow or ribbon and voila’! You have a nice, thoughtful and delicious gift in a form of a decorative box.

If you are including a variety of cookies and/or bars wrap them individually to preserve taste and freshness. Include a favorite coffee or tea in the basket (for those that drink coffee/tea) with the wrapped items for an extra nice touch. Another presentation idea when giving it to coffee drinkers is to put 8-10 small size cookies in a plastic twist-tie sandwich bag, tie with ribbon, gently put them in a coffee mug and put a bow on the handle.

Having a party? Don’t forget to include a dessert tray with the chips, dips and fruit tray. The great thing is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a casual get together or a more formal party, a dessert tray will still be suitable. If you were going to a housewarming party a good suggestion would be to display the items on a nice piece of bakeware or storage container. Don’t forget to wash the container with hot sudsy water or according to the care instructions before putting food in or on the container.

If you have kids, it may be hard to keep a dessert tray on the dining or coffee table. You may want to do this on special occasions such as holidays. Bake enough so that you can refill when the plate starts to look empty. If you are including cookies and bars, you may also want to make enough mix to conveniently make a fresh batch.

So gather your recipes for the desserts you want to include and bake away!

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