Dezin Electric Hot Pot

Dezin Electric Hot Pot

With the Dezin Electric Hot Pot, you can electrically to sauté vegetables, and can use it to prepare food without any hassle! The Dezin Electric Hot Pot differs from traditional-style cooking since no stove is required.

Key Features


  • Length: 13.98”
  • Width: 4.02”
  • Height: 7.28”


It is constructed with food-grade non-stick material, which makes it a toxin-free and safe product.

Temperature Range

The temperature of the sauté pan is adjustable according to your desired choice. Furthermore, it is equipped with impeccable features such as over-heating protection and boil-dry perfection, which ensures that the food cooked is up to perfection.

Power Range

The pot works within the power range from 150 watts to 600 watts so that you can adjust the perfect power according to the type of food you’re using your pot for. The maximum power adjusted is 600 watts, which heats the food faster and cooks the food to perfection.


The electric pot by Dezin is small in size but attains the highest volume when covered with a lid. It is the ultimate choice for an individual who lives alone. Moreover, it can be easily carried to a picnic and travel spots.

Easy to Clean

The pot acquires a slick coating, which keeps food from sticking to the surface, making it super-easy to clean after use.

Additional Items

The Dezin electric pot comes with extra accessories that include a silicone turner spatula and egg rack.

Customer Reviews

The Dezin electric pot is rated 4.5-stars on Amazon and has received 544 ratings. It holds the fourth rank in the list of electric hot pots and 6854th position in the list of kitchen and dining products.