Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver

Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver

The Magic Bullet Blender offers to chop, blend, mix, whip, grind, and more, all together with a twist of the wrist.

Key Features


  • Length: 4.01”
  • Width: 4.48”
  • Height: 11.61”

Material and Size

The bullet blender is made of high-quality plastic. it is bullet-sized, which makes it easy to carry and store. It doesn’t occupy vast space, thus can be easily placed at the counter.

Power Range

The Magic Bullet Blender features a 200-watt power range that ensures that it functions at its optimum capacity.

Energy and Time-Efficient

The Magic Bullet Blender features a unique design and size, making sure that blending, chopping, grinding, or any other function is done in minimum time. These, as a result, save time and energy both. It is all-in-one and forcefully circulate food back into the cycling zone, enabling it to prepare food in seconds.


Since the blender offers versatile features, you can also prepare soup, puree, drink, smoothies, and milkshakes at any time.

Easy Cleaning

The Magic Bullet Blender is a dish-washer safe product that makes it easier to clean.

Recipe Book

A recipe book included in the set gets you started at cooking quick, easy, and lip-smacking food, varying from appetizers to desserts.

Customer Reviews

The Magic Bullet Blender is rated as 4.2-stars, with 19,964 ratings. It acquires the top-most position in the listing of countertop blenders, while it holds 55th rank in the directory of kitchen and dining tools.