How to Dutch Oven Cook Over Fire

Cooking with a Dutch oven over an open fire is one of the ways that you can effectively use it. Originally, Dutch ovens were made to be used over an open fire, such as a campfire. And many pioneers, in the past had cast iron Dutch ovens that they used to prepare their food. If you want to use a Dutch oven to cook food over an open fire, then you have come to the right place. You will be able to learn all about the different ways that you can make use of your Dutch oven to cook over a fire.

If you go camping a lot, then you will also probably want to cook food in the outdoors. Instead of using a skillet or a normal cooking pot to cook your food outdoors, you will need a Dutch oven. These kinds of cooking utensils were specifically made to be used to cook over an open fire. So if you want to go on a camping trip and want to prepare food outdoors, you had better bring along a Dutch oven. And that is just one step that you will need to do if you want to cook outdoors, you will also need to learn how to use your Dutch oven properly as well.

First, start by creating a large campfire. This will take some time because your firewood or coals need to heat up for a bit, so you will need to be patient. If the campfire is still too small, then you will not be able to cook your food effectively. When the campfire has gotten hot enough, you can just put the Dutch oven on top of it. Be sure to place the lid of the Dutch oven on as well. The lid of the Dutch oven should be as tight as possible so that ash from the coal or firewood does not get inside. You would not want the food to be contaminated with ash. After the lid has been closed, you can then shovel hot coal on top of the Dutch oven to completely cover it.

Dutch oven cooking, especially when you have got an open fire with it, usually takes a much shorter time to prepare the food. So you will need to be able to check the state of the food inside of it, as often as you can. You should do this every several minutes or so. If you do not check the status of the food inside of the Dutch oven, you may end up overcooking it. If you want to evenly cook the food much faster, you can just move the Dutch oven or rotate it to ensure that it receives heat equally from all sides. When you notice that the food has been finished cooking, you can remove the Dutch oven from the hot coal, using a shovel or some clamps. Wait until the Dutch oven has gotten cool enough, to enjoy your food.

Make sure to follow this whole guide if you would like to make use of a Dutch oven when you go camping. It would be much safer for you if you did follow these steps on how to cook over an open fire using a Dutch oven. And not to mention, you will also be able to get better results when it comes to cooking over a fire with a Dutch oven as well. And remember to care for your Dutch oven as well, if you plan to use it over an open fire. Your Dutch oven needs to be seasoned and reasoned if you plan to use it regularly over an open fire.