Why Your Dutch Oven is Sticky


For anyone that regularly cooks using their Dutch oven, you may have noticed something about it. If you do not properly clean or maintain your Dutch oven, then its surface may end up getting and feeling sticky to the touch. And no matter how many times that you wash it, it seems that every time you use your Dutch oven, it just ends up getting sticky all over again. You will be glad to note that a sticky feeling Dutch oven is an easy problem to fix, and you should be able to learn all about the different ways that you can prevent that problem from actually happening.

The cause of your Dutch oven becoming sticky is more normal than you would think. Every time that you cook using your Dutch oven, you are allowing the food left behind inside of it to stick to its surface. This invisible food residue, no matter how small the amount, can make the inside of your Dutch oven feel sticky to the touch. And that food residue does not only make your Dutch oven stick, but it also will make it smelly as well. To add a protective coating on your Dutch oven, you will need to learn how to season it.

You can season your Dutch oven by taking some oil or fat. You will be able to use vegetable oil to do this since it is very easy to get some. Spread the oil as evenly as you can all over the inside of your Dutch oven. You should be using a cloth to do this so that you can spread as thick of a layer of oil as possible. When you have finished spreading the oil around your Dutch oven, place it inside of an actual oven. You can then heat up the oven to just over 400 F and then leave it there for about an hour.

Seasoning your Dutch oven is important if you would like to keep it as clean and as sticky-free as possible. This is because when you season your oven, you are adding a layer of protective oil coating on top of it. Most other cooking pots do not get sticky when you use it to cook because there is usually a layer of non-stick material placed over it. To get that same layer of non-stick material over your Dutch oven, you will need to use some oil to season it.

Cleaning your Dutch oven properly is also important if you would like to keep it no feeling sticky to the touch. You should not use soap to wash your Dutch oven since soap can remove the seasoning that you have placed on top of it. Instead just take some warm water to scrub your Dutch oven as often as you can. You can also use a plastic scrapper if you would like to remove the food residue off of your Dutch oven as well.

Remember, it is usually because of food residue that is the cause of the stickiness of your Dutch oven. So if you would like to keep your Dutch oven as clean as possible, and not feeling sticky at all, you should be seasoning it regularly and cleaning it often. Ideally, you should be cleaning your Dutch oven completely after every time that you use it. And you should also be seasoning your Dutch oven every few months as well. This is because the protective oil coat can get removed over time. And if you do not want your Dutch oven to feel sticky, you should be seasoning it as often as possible.

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