Egg Replacement in Baking: Vegan Baking Without Eggs

Vegan baking is easy to do using egg replacers and egg substitutes. Eggless baking recipes also come in handy when a baker realizes she has fewer eggs in the fridge to complete a half-mixed recipe than originally thought. Some recipes are created eggless specifically for vegan baking, but egg substitutes can be used in almost any baked good. The results are usually just as yummy, and are always lower in cholesterol and fat, too.

Here are some suggestions for egg replacement in baking.

Store-Bought Egg Replacer

A mix of powdered leavening agents and thickeners, egg replacer can be purchased in many grocery stores and most specialty food stores. It only needs to be mixed with water and then stirred into the wet ingredients of any vegan baking recipe. Ener-G is a popular brand.

Applesauce and Bananas as Egg Substitutes

Mashed bananas and applesauce both make excellent egg replacers in sweet baked goods. They work best in vegan recipes where the purpose of the eggs is to thicken or bind the ingredients, not to leaven them. Baking soda or baking powder should act as the leavening agents here, and the moist fruit will bind the dry ingredients together. About ¼ cup of fruit replaces one egg.

Flax and Water Egg Replacement

It can be helpful to keep flaxseed as a pantry staple to use it in place of eggs. Two tablespoons of finely ground flax mixed with three tablespoons of water will produce a jelly-like mixture when it’s left to sit for a few minutes. This liquid is equal to one egg, and can be stirred into any recipe. Flax works best when it acts as a binder in a recipe. Not only does it take on this role easily, but flax also provides fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Silken Tofu in Eggless Baking

Silken tofu is more often being stocked by mainstream grocery stores, and it can always be found in organic grocers and health food stores. One quarter cup of silken tofu should be blended in a food processor to get the right consistency, and then it can be substituted for one egg. It works best as a binder in recipes such as brownies and dense cakes. It adds a bit of extra protein, and is tasteless, too!

Baking without eggs may be something grandma could never imagine in her traditional kitchen, but it’s becoming more common today as people seek out healthier ways to prepare their favorite dishes. Vegan baking is healthy and delicious, too!

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