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Online casinos operate under intense competition and are constantly looking out for ways to retain their customers and keep them satisfied. They offer different types of bonuses to maintain customer loyalty and stand out from their competitors. Every player should understand the types of bonuses offered by their betting firm and understand the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses to benefit from them.

Types of Bonuses

Every reputable online casino has well laid out bonuses to benefit players and give them a head start if they are new to online gaming. Here are a few popular bonuses that new and seasoned players can receive from online casinos.

Zero Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are popular with newbies for obvious reasons. They allow them to explore various markets and get familiar with the site before making actual deposits. Players are likely to deposit funds to a casino that they understand well.

First Deposit Bonuses

First deposit bonuses are offered to newly registered players to welcome them into the platform. This type of bonus is common and is offered across many online betting casinos.

Referral Bonuses

With this type of bonus, players who successfully recruit other players to the online casino get a particular bonus to thank them. This is a strategy that helps online casinos get more players.

Cash Back Bonuses

Some online casinos refund a certain percentage of money lost on waging bets during a specified period. The bonus amount can be up to 15% of the lost amount.

Periodic Bonuses

Old players are vital for the continued success of an online, and one way to earn their loyalty is by offering periodic bonuses on their deposits. These bonuses can be on a weekly or monthly basis.

Loyalty/VIP Bonuses

Long-term players are valued by casinos and receive loyalty bonuses to keep them satisfied.

Play Only Bonuses

Play only bonuses are also known as sticky bonuses. These types of bonuses are not eligible for withdrawal and are usually subtracted from the winning amount.

Payment Mode Bonuses

Sometimes some casinos have a preferred mode of payment as players deposit their money. This bonus is offered to players who deposit their funds using the preferred method of payment.

Mobile Bonuses

Mobile phones have made gambling much easier and convenient. Several casinos encourage their players to place their wagers on their mobile phones by issuing mobile bonuses.

Holiday Bonuses          

This bonus type is unique to some casinos that go out of their way to give bonuses on holidays.  The Intertops casino bonus program is versatile and has a holiday bonus offered to commemorate national holidays worldwide.

Free Spins

Free spins provide a chance for players to win prizes based on the outcome of free spins on slots without any conditions attached to the win.

Terms of Bonuses

Sometimes players rush to deposit funds to a specific online casino then later fell shortchanged when things don’t go as their expectations. This disappointment can be attributed to a lack of proper understanding of the terms and conditions that come into effect when you receive a particular bonus. Some considerations to help you get the best out of your bonuses include:

Betting conditions

Some bonuses come with specific requirements, such as playing a specified number of games before you can withdraw your winnings. Requesting a withdrawal before the playing limit is reached will void your earnings.

Minimum deposit

Different casinos will require their players to deposit a certain minimum amount to qualify for bonuses.

Played Games               

Some casinos only provide bonuses for specific games-usually slot games. Betting on other games means that you will not get 100% of your bonus.

Benefits of Casino Bonuses

Seasoned players understand too well the role played by casino bonuses in online gaming and are continually looking out for the best bonuses in the market. Apart from adding flair to the betting experience, they offer the following benefits:

  • Boost betting capital- A bonus increases the amount of money at the disposal of a player.
  • The opportunity to try new games-An increased capital will allow a player to check out games that they would not have tried in the absence of the bonus.
  • Longer play duration-Bonuses allow players to try out more games as they can spread a larger amount over various bets.
  • Risk-free trials-No deposit bonuses allow players to try out casino games without losing their money.

Finding Casino Bonuses

Casinos understand the importance of providing bonuses to attract more players to their sites. They are keen to ensure that potential players are aware of the bonuses that they have on offer. Here are ways to ensure that you are informed of possible bonuses before depositing your money to an online casino.

Browse the Internet – If you are interested in a specific site, you can use search engines to find out about the type of bonuses they offer. Online casinos advertise their bonuses widely, and finding them through search engines should be a walk in the park.

Read client reviews – Players will always point out the best offers in their reviews and critiques, which can guide your decisions.

New bonuses – Online casinos have a new bonus tab that is regularly updated. Keep checking for new bonuses to avoid losing out.

Casino bonuses are more than a cog in the wheel for online casinos, and even though they come with conditions, they are worth the time and money when putting to good use. Good use of bonuses involves trying out challenges like progressive jackpots or new sports while having fun at it.