Covid-19: How to Organize a Virtual Baby Shower

Covid-19: How to Organize a Virtual Baby Shower

Despite the current Covid-19 global pandemic that has affected us all, life must go on, and people can be very creative when they have to be. If you are about to have your very first child, the baby shower does not have to be canceled, as you can organize a virtual baby shower using a VoIP platform such as Zoom, and without further ado, here are the details.


While there are many real-time video conferencing platforms out there, Zoom is by far the most suitable for hosting a virtual baby shower party. The first thing you need to do is download the application, then with the help of a few friends, you can become familiar with the many features, and by sending all of your guests a tutorial email that explains how to download and open Zoom.

You would be the host of the meeting, then you simply invite all of the guests to join in on the call, as long as they are ready and waiting when the day and time arrives. It is obviously important that everyone can use the platform, and each guest will see small thumbnail shots of the other participants on their screen, and as the host, you can drag and drop images for everyone to see.

There is also a shared whiteboard that enables users to draw or write and everyone can see the board, which allows you to play a few virtual games. You can have a few Zoom meetings with a close friend, which will ensure that you know what you are doing as the host.

Baby Shower Gifts

As all the guests will be remotely located for the actual baby shower, you can include a link to, where they can view many fine baby shower gifts, and when they find something suitable, a secure online payment will see the item packaged and delivered to the mum’s address. On the day of the party, mum can begin to open all the gifts and every guest can watch the unwrapping as mum goes through the entire list. This ensures that social distancing guidelines are followed and no one is exposed to the virus, and mum will really enjoy discovering the many gifts for her and baby. Some of the gifts include:

  • Personalized Baby Brush – A soft hairbrush with the baby’s name engraved into the brush-head.
  • Teethers
  • Swaddles
  • Felt Mobiles
  • Beanies
  • Bath-time Baskets

Make sure that you include your full postal address when you send the electronic invitation, then guests can inform the supplier of the recipient’s address.

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Fun Baby Shower Party Ideas

Although the baby shower is virtual, you can still play lots of fun games, and here are a few ideas.

  • “Guess mum’s waist measurement” – This game involves every guest having a guess at mum’s waistline measurement, which they simply type into the chat window, then dad can actually do the measuring live and everyone can see who won. If you are thinking about food and would like to learn how to create a few exotic dishes, here is a very informative article on the topic.
  • Printable Baby Shower Games – There are many free resources online where you can download printable quiz sheets and other games. Of course, you will have to plan your games well in advance and have the printouts included in the invitation, so each guest can play. Games like ‘baby word scramble’ will get everyone thinking, while ‘animal match-up’ is also a lot of fun, which involves the guest deciphering anagrams then pairing animals.
  • Baby Face – This one is guaranteed to raise lots of laughs, when sending the invitation, ask each guest to find some old photos of them as a baby and send them to you at least a couple of days prior to the party date. You can then create a slideshow and when you show one image, everyone must guess who it is, and obviously, the person who is in the photo must not give the game away. This is not as easy as you think, as none of us look much like we did when we were a toddler, and of course, you, the host keep score. You could start the ball rolling by showing a few of you or your partner when very young, and all the guests will be laughing as they discover the identity of the ‘baby’.
  • Baby Quizzes – If you print out answer sheets and include them in the initial invitation, then everyone can play, and you can create quizzes about baby names, as well as items of clothing that babies often wear. You will need to do some online searching and you will find a website that provides printable answer sheets, which make things that much easier. Hosting a quiz using Zoom is actually very easy, you simply ask the question and wait for someone to type the correct answer in the chat window, or you could ask for raised hands when the answer is known. Of course, the Coronavirus situation changes by the day, and you should check for updates on the Australian government website.

Ask all your guests to stock up with candy and cakes, so everyone can enjoy good food, and with the party games in full swing, the baby shower will be remembered for all the right reasons. If you prefer, you could ask a close friend to host the Zoom party, which leaves you free to enjoy yourself as you virtually introduce your baby to each of the guests, and with a little creativity, you can create a party ambiance. Don’t forget to remind all the guests to stock up with their favorite drink, as no one has to drive and you can really let your hair down.

Just because we have to social distance, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the arrival of a baby, and by following the above advice, your guests will be delighted to share the joys of parenthood.