How to Extend the Warranty of your Bread Maker


If you are looking to maximize the amount of value you get for every hard earned dollar you spend on appliances or anything that you will buy for your home, you need to listen up. The fundamental rule or principle you need to follow is frequency of use. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you are serious about milking as much value out of every hard earned dollar you spend on anything for your home, you need to focus on frequency of value.

Think about it this way. If you were to buy something for $200 and you only ended up using it twice, the per use value of that item is $100. That’s a lot of money. Now, compare that situation to you paying $200 for an item but that item has a long life span and you use it every single day multiple times. If you were to account for each time you use that item, it may turn out that the per use value if a penny or a fraction of a penny.

Which situation produces the better value? It should be quite obvious. This is how you should think about your bread maker. Frequency of use should be the primary driver of your efforts to extending the warranty of your bread maker.

In other words, you are trying to extend the life of this device because you know that the longer its use for life is, the more value it delivers to you. You feel less guilty of spending your hard earned money on this kitchen appliance. You feel better about the fact that you made the right call with this decision because you get a tremendous amount of value every time you use this item. Therefore, read reviews of particular best sunbeam bread makers carefully.

So how exactly do you extend the warranty life of a bread maker or extend the productive life of this device? Keep the following in mind.

Use it the right way

This is low hanging fruit. This is also very obvious. If you want to extend the productive or operational life of the best bread maker review you buy for your home, just use it the right way. I know it sounds crazy. I know it sounds revolutionary. But yes, if you use something for the purpose that it was designed for, it probably will last much longer that if you use it for an unrelated purpose.

Clean it up right away

After you use your bread maker, make it a habit to just clean it up as quickly as it cools down. This is a good practice because first of all, it doesn’t take much time and effort to clean a bread maker. A lot of its baking chamber surfaces are non-stick so there’s really not much elbow grease involved. By resolving to clean it up right after use, you prevent any kind of surface issue from developing later on.

Store it the right way

Believe it or not, when many Americans store their kitchen appliances at overhead cupboards or overhead areas, they often don’t look at how much space they’re working with. In some cases, other items in that area end up falling on the kitchen appliance and causing damage. Make sure you store the bread maker the right way so that it doesn’t get damaged and it doesn’t get exposed to the elements.

Always consult with the owner’s manual

Whenever you’re thinking of doing anything fancy or out of the ordinary with your device, it’s always a good idea to check the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is there for a reason. The manufacturer shipped the product with an owner’s manual because they want to help you extend the life of your device. They want you to use it the right way. They did not just put the owner’s manual in that package because they had nothing else better to do.

Always consult this very important documentation so you can make sure that you are operating the device the right way.

Bake the right breads

It always helps to stick to the range of recipes provided for by the owner’s manual. If you are going to be baking all these exotic breads that the bread maker is not really designed for, you’re only setting yourself up for either parts replacement for your bread machine or some other problem down the road? Why? You’re using the machine for something that it was not designed for.

Don’t overload

This should be obvious but a lot of people simply skip this. They overlook it and they end up overloading their bread maker. If you keep overloading your bread maker, you’re putting a lot of stress on certain parts of the appliance and it’s only a matter of time until it breaks down.

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