Fabulous Main Dish Meals Made from Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers


Every year I have to bake two turkeys, to ensure I have leftovers, as it is very popular at our house. Pre-cooked meat is the safest to cook with and whether heated up or cold, turkey is one of the lowest-fat meats available. Turkey is also high in protein (needed for cellular repair and children’s growth) plus it has certain amino acids which help induce a natural sleep. Ensuring you and your kids will sleep better after a turkey meal!

I have favorite recommendations for using leftover Thanksgiving turkey and have included it in several healthy food articles I’ve previously written. However the main recipe I’ll be sharing with you in this article was actually developed by my gifted 12 year-old son. I will save his “Baked Turkey Strips” for last, because it is the best of all our leftover turkey recipes!

Grilled Turkey Salad (elegant presentation)

Pan-fry or grill leftover turkey slices lightly coated with olive oil, barbeque sauce or salad dressing of your choice. You can refer to my article “All Natural Low Calorie Salad Dressings” for quick homemade dressings, or make one out of leftover cranberry sauce using tips found in my article.

Position over your favorite salad whether Romaine lettuce or spinach salad (my favorite) in a decorative fanned-out display. No one will ever know it’s leftover, except you!

Grilled Turkey and Provolone Panini (grilled cheese and turkey sandwich)

For those who must make sandwiches from any and all leftover meats! On either sourdough or French bread slices create a sandwich adding two slices of provolone cheese with leftover turkey slices between. Fry in a skillet using olive oil or grill in a Panini maker. You can add optional avocado, lettuce greens, onion or tomato slices, or even dip into warm spaghetti sauce or turkey gravy au jus.

Baked Turkey Strips (my son’s creation)

Dip leftover turkey chunks and strips into leftover turkey gravy and roll onto a plate of seasoned homemade or store-bought bread crumbs. Easy enough for your children to make, just dip and roll (without the messy raw egg batter or bacterial concerns).

Arrange on a cookie sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees. Bake for 10 minutes, then flip each piece onto the other side and bake an additional 10 minutes, for the best and crispiest, non-greasy low-fat turkey strips you’ll ever eat! I recommend you serve these finger foods with raw veggies and have an assortment of turkey-strip dips as well as veggie dips, for a casual family dinner to take-out or eat at home.

Find out how to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey on pizzas in my articles “Quickest Hearty Fall and Winter Family Meals for Pennies-per-Person” for individual pizzas, and also in “The Best Homemade Pizza – Viva Italia!” All my recipes as well as articles on other important family-related topics can be found updated daily at Twitter.com/blondygirl1 or on my news page site at AssociatedContent.com/cmajors.

For additional ways to use up leftover turkey try cubing and including in a favorite family vegetable stew or pot of chili. Why not mix into a stir-fry or any of the side-dish recipes found in my “All American Salads and Other Barbeque Sides” or perhaps “Surprisingly Healthy International Salads and Side Dishes”.

I’ve given you several recipe ideas as well as the health benefits of eating up those Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. You’re family will also be thankful for all the money you’ll be saving by using up leftovers. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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