My Favorite Thanksgiving Candies


It is almost time for Thanksgiving. Yes, the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie will be on the holiday meal list, but how about for those guests who may crave something else sweet to eat? Some folks do not like homemade pies and cakes. Imagine that. Well, this article is just for you. Here are some of my favorite kinds and best Thanksgiving candy to buy and serve your guests! No baking required.

My first store bought Thanksgiving candy choice is one that will give your holiday candy dishes a great and traditional Fall and Thanksgiving theme! Buy a few bags of candy corn! Place them in several dishes throughout your home. This candy is colorful and delicious! It gives everyone the chance to pick a sweet treat that is different from the normal homemade pies and delicious brownies. You can also buy a few bags of candy Indian corn. This candy sets off a Fall and Thanksgiving theme that is spectacular and very pretty. You can find these items at drug stores, dollar stores and online. They are very affordable.

My second best Thanksgiving candy choice is chocolate turkeys from Madelaine! These are solid milk chocolate molded turkeys wrapped in colored foil. They are so cute and they look like little turkeys! The wrapping is really decorative. You can purchase sixty for under twenty dollars! You can also find these online at other web stores. They are great for Thanksgiving gatherings, Thanksgiving parties and more. They also make cute candy to send your child to school with, if they need Thanksgiving theme candy for a party!

My third best Thanksgiving candy choice is Hershey’s marshmallow pumpkins! These are milk chocolate covered with a marshmallow center. You can get thirty-six of these for around twenty-one dollars. You can also find them in most drug stores and at other online web sites that sell holiday candy! They have a pumpkin on each bar and they look really special!

My fourth best Thanksgiving candy to have on hand is caramel filled apples! These candy delights are delicious and make any Fall or Thanksgiving candy dish very popular! These are from Madelaine and can be found in bulka. You can get forty of these for around sixteen dollars. They are milk chocolate balls filled with caramel and wrapped in apple decorated foil. They resemble little apples with stems on them! How cute!

My fifth best Thanksgiving candy choice is mini fall leaves by Madelaine! This store bought candy is really pretty and will give your candy dishes a beautiful Fall and Thanksgiving look. They are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. These are milk chocolate mini leaves wrapped in gorgeous red, gold, bronze and brown foil. You get five pounds of these for around thirty-three dollars. That’s a lot of candy.

My sixth best Thanksgiving candy choice is Snickers pumpkins from M M;/Mars. Snickers is a popular candy bar and this candy will be popular at your house, too! They are bite sized Snickers bars wrapped in pumpkin packages.

My seventh favorite best Thanksgiving candy is chocolate covered cranberries! You get a pound of these for five dollars and ninety-nine cents or you can buy them in bulk and save! They taste homemade, but they are not! They will delight your Thanksgiving dinner guests! They are delicious! I will take my cranberries with chocolate anytime!

For my eighth best Thanksgiving candy choice, I picked a winner. If you love malted milk balls, you will love pumpkin spice malted milk balls! This special tasting holiday candy will please many! They are very creative and yummy! They cost five dollars and ninety-nine cents for one pound, but you can get a better deal if you buy these in bulk! You can’t go wrong with chocolate, pumpkin, malted balls and spice! This candy will surprise your guests, that is for sure. I bet they have never tasted these before! They are fantastic.

The best Thanksgiving candy does not have to be homemade! These choices of store bought Thanksgiving treats are winners! They are affordable and you can take them to Thanksgiving parties, dinners and school events with no trouble! They also compliment a Thanksgiving candy dish beautifully. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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