Five KitchenSurfing Choice Of Canned Garbanzo Beans for your Kitchen

Everybody desires a healthy balanced diet, but many are unaware of the constituents. A healthy diet must include the appropriate amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, and low-fat dairy products. And the selection of grains and pulses is one very vital aspect. One such pulse is garbanzo beans, a.k.a chickpeas, which you must add to the diet plan because of their high nutritious value.

Garbanzo beans are legumes that are high in protein. It is also a key ingredient in various cuisines, like hummus made up of mashed chickpeas blended with olive oil, top-rated in the Middle East, or chana masala, a popular dish in Asian subcontinents such as India. There are two varieties of garbanzo beans. One is cream-colored Kabuli type, and the other is green-colored desi type. Enlisted below are some of the best garbanzo beans or best-canned chickpea available to cater to the individual needs

Canned Garbanzo Beans Review Center 2021

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more details, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Palouse Brand Garbanzo Beans aka Chickpeas or Ceci Beans

Palouse Brand Garbanzo Beans Aka Chickpeas Or Ceci Beans Product Image

This brand of canned chickpeas is indigenous to Washington state. The product is farm-grown and is owned by a family with five generations in agriculture. So no doubt they have the expertise in their operations. And it is even reflected in the product. The product comes in a jute bag which has an aesthetic effect. The canned garbanzo beans are non-irradiated as well. This means that the beans will sprout in due course of time. Irradiation is a widely accepted practice that exposes the beans to radiation which sterilizes them. But the Palouse brand is very focused on providing with best quality chickpeas, and thus, the beans taste better. These garbanzo beans canned are potent in soaking water. They become double the size when cooked. The dried beans also don’t need overnight soaking. You can directly put them into boiling water. And it will take an hour to be cooking ready. Cooking garbanzo beans can be time-consuming, so cooking large quantities at once is recommended. They can be stored in the freezer.

You can use the Palouse garbanzo beans to make varieties of recipes. Some recipes that go well with this chickpea can are vegan Italian soup, oven-roasted garbanzo beans, and lemon hummus. In addition to the continental recipes, Palouse garbanzo beans also serve the taste buds of the Asian subcontinent. You can also crush the beans home to make falafel and tasty snacks. Roasted chickpeas also add to the list of recipes. The canned garbanzo beans are fresh from the farms, and the Palouse brand follows prescribed agricultural practices in growing them and packing them for dispatch. The Washington State-grown seeds serve the taste and are processed by practices certified by Food Authorities of the U.S. The finished product adds nutrition to a healthy diet and a savoring taste that will keep you astounded and make you crave more.

What we like about it:

The product is the first and foremost feature for which we would recommend Palouse Brand chickpeas. The product has a creamy-colored texture and, is round in size, doubles up after soaking. A farmer knows what the farms are, and when a family is into the business for five generations, it indeed calls for trust in the product. The chickpea brand follows the process of non-irradiation, and hence the chickpeas are not sterilized. Thus, one can savor the authentic taste of garbanzo beans. One of the most prominent features is the farm tracing technology. Each jute bag comes with a QR code which You can scan to trace the field on which the batch was grown and the harvest date.

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#2 – Food to Live Organic Garbanzo Beans

Food To Live Organic Garbanzo Beans Product Image

Are you caring for a balanced diet? A diet with low fat and utterly organic product on the shelf is provided by food to live. Food to live is wholly dedicated to providing healthy, natural, and organic food to people, making it the best chickpeas to buy. And this mission enabled them to come up with their delicious and nutritious canned garbanzo beans. Organic chickpeas have a rich nutty flavor and are 100% free of toxins. They are considered the best chickpeas to buy.

Unlike other farms, they don’t use accepted pesticides to grow these beans on the farm. Instead, they believe that food should be devoid of any chemicals. The chickpeas can are cultured with organic manure and naturally occurring fertilizers, which make them chemical-free yet tasty and nutritious. The food to live garbanzo beans is easy to cook, have a longer shelf life, are easy to keep, and are eatable in any diet. The product is low in fat but high in protein and dietary fiber, which is crucial for a healthy diet. One cup of cooked organic garbanzo beans contains 14.5 grams of protein. Moreover, the organic canned garbanzo beans by food to live contain several antioxidants which help in boosting general well-being.

The canned chickpeas are organic and gluten-free, which is common in all legumes. But wheat flour contains wheat protein which is gluten. Factually, garbanzo flour is an excellent substitute for wheat flour. The starch in the chickpea flour is enough for baking and is definitely more nutritious. Eventually, different cuisines taste better with garbanzo beans canned aesthetically. Chickpeas can deliver high nutrition cooked, boiled, or roasted. You can add chickpeas to salads, soups, and stews. However, garbanzo beans snack is best roasted with spices.

What we like about it:

The canned chickpeas are organic. Yes, indeed, it is one of the most valued, unique selling propositions. It is a pretty healthy product, and all fitness freaks must try it out due to its high protein content. Organic beans also have rich iron content. The nutrient list also consists of essential vitamins and minerals vital to a perfect immune system of general well-being. The organic beans are a great choice if you have a pet dog. Legumes are not necessarily safe for dogs. But these organic beans are safe as they are easier to digest. A small quantity of mashed organic chickpeas with food would serve the purpose. The package by food to live scientifically designs. It is easy to keep as the beans are packaged in a zipper packet. Tear the pack, use it, zip it, and save it.

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#3 – Bush’s Best Garbanzo Beans

Bush's Best Garbanzo Beans Product Image

Bush’s best is one of the best chickpeas brands American manufacturing company, and they know how to play their cards. They have expertise in beans manufacturing. And there is a wide range of products in the beans category, from baked beans to honey-dipped fried beans. But we will be talking about canned garbanzo beans here. And most importantly, Bush’s best has come up with the ready-serve product. Just take out the beans, cook them and eat—no need to rinse them. The cooked garbanzo beans have a nutty flavor; each can comes with a favorite family recipe at the rear. The tin can keeps the freshness intact and makes the chickpeas easy to maintain. In addition, the chickpeas can also be savored in a salad, stew, and canned hummus or fry them as falafel.

The chickpea can packaging is also lovely, with a bright blue background reflecting creamy-colored round-sized chickpeas. The packaging itself imparts a mouth-watering experience. Apart from Middle East cuisines, chickpeas also serve European cuisines such as Greek wrap. The product is available for shipping only in America. Though it is not ready for international shipping in the coming years, Bush’s best-canned garbanzo beans will be available worldwide to serve the taste buds of millions. The product has high protein content, and it is naturally gluten-free. This means that the flour derived from these canned beans will be an excellent alternative to other grain flour. The low-fat content also makes it a suitable supplement for a healthy diet for individuals.

What we like about it:

The can chickpeas are made of solid tin, and the can is reusable for other purposes when emptying. No cholesterol at all is what distinguishes it from other products. The no unsaturated fat policy has made this product a healthy choice for every individual, thus reducing the risk of fat accumulation in a blood vessel. And it facilitates proper functioning. Six grams of protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber help digestion easier. Easy digestion and rich taste make Bush’s best-canned hummus a ‘must add to kitchen cart’ product.

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#4 – Bob’s Red Mill Beans Garbanzo

Bob's Red Mill Beans Garbanzo Product Image

Bob’s Red Mill is one of a kind chickpea brand that adds a ‘meaty’ texture to the dishes. Their texture is firm, and the flavor is mild and nutty. Chickpeas are cultivated by modern agriculture equipment. Red mills began with the vision of operating a flour mill that made healthy and nutritious foods available to everyone. To retain the quality of whole grain flour, they still stick to stone grinding mills. The stone grinders operate at lower speeds and cool temperatures. Hence, the nutrients of the grains are preserved. The product is wrapped with modernized packaging of a transparent type. The beans can be seen and felt without even opening the pack. The garbanzo beans have a rich meaty texture, unlike the cream color. This indicates the millstone grinding of these chickpeas. Moreover, the nutrient level is high. And it contains no cholesterol as well.

The canned chickpeas are purely vegetarian and have high fiber content. The dietary fiber constitutes around 35%. And the fat content is about 3% only. There is no Trans-fat as the beans are manufactured in ancient mill stones grinding. Bob’s red mill beans have 15% iron content, providing the rich ‘meaty’ texture and imparting 180 calories per serving. The packet also consists of the recipe for basic cooking and hummus. The beans need to soak overnight, but before that, sorting is of utmost necessity. As removing the foreign particles is impossible, the beans must be sorted and then rinsed.

What we like about it:

The rich ‘meaty’ texture shows that the product has high iron content, which is vital for a healthy diet. It enhances blood flow. Adding these canned garbanzo beans to the diet plan helps maintain a fit body. Garbanzo beans are naturally gluten-free; therefore, the flour is devoid of wheat protein, making the flour chewy and elastic. So the process through which it is made Bob’s red mill chickpeas are free from the gluten particles which can be used to make falafels. The chickpeas canned by this brand do not contain sodium. The sodium content is 0%. This makes the product a viable diet for individuals, thereby helping everyone to keep their blood pressure at a functional rate.

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#5 – Westbrae Natural, Vegetarian Organic Garbanzo Beans

Westbrae Natural, Vegetarian Organic Garbanzo Beans Product Image

Last but not least is yet another sodium-free canned garbanzo bean. The vision of Westbrae Natural is to offer delicious foods and support the growth of the food industry and organic farming. WestBrae Natural has provided various products to help vegetarians’ nutritional diet plans. And also serve the diet plan of non-vegetarians looking out for a change. The product also caters to the needs of a vegan and healthy balanced diet. The garbanzo beans are freshly manufactured and canned right after being harvested from the field. This preserves the quality and flavor.

The ready-to-serve vegetables are packaged into recyclable cans. The cans have great contrasting colors and attractive packaging stating organic beans, which are high in dietary fiber and low sodium. The canned product contains no added flavors, color, or preservatives. The ready-to-eat can contains high-quality garbanzo beans packed with water and sea salt. Westbrae Natural’s canned garbanzo beans can be eaten reading or served with salad. Otherwise, it can be heated as well as served. The recipe for Mediterranean Garbanzo stir-fry is printed on the rear of the can. Anyone who wishes to taste good chickpeas can opt for these canned garbanzo beans. The tin cans make the beans easy to store, microwave operational, and less time-consuming. The beans are organic, have no GMOs, and are simple to use.

What we like about it:

The most distinguishing feature is that it is simple to use. The ready-to-eat chickpeas can save much time and simultaneously provide a nutritious, healthy diet to individuals too busy with their daily routine. The different tastes and various purposes the can of chickpeas serve are another thumbs-up from us. One can eat the chickpeas readily as it comes directly packed with water and sea salt. Or one can throw away the water and cook it versatilely.

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How we choose the top canned garbanzo beans in our list

Selecting the top 5 canned garbanzo beans required a great deal of extensive literature survey. We did exploratory research to find the available market products. We browsed popular online shopping sites and accompanying websites to learn about the products. We made a list of a can of chickpeas and checked with other websites for cross-reference. The brands which appeared on two or more sites were taken into consideration.

We took the aesthetics, technical processes, and business reputation into account for enlistment:

  • Aesthetics: The provider’s packaging, vision, and nutrient constituents were inspected. As chickpeas are considered for a healthy diet, the nutritional value should be concomitant with the diet plan as prescribed by a nutritionist. Each serving should provide nutrients and calories within the limit. The manufacturer’s vision defines the goal in which a product is made. If the concept is unclear, the product will not find its way. But if the goals are clear, the business will strive to provide the best. The packaging should be attractive, easy to handle, and informative.
  • Technical Processes: It determines how canned garbanzo beans are manufactured. It is essential that the practices adopted are certified and that the process does not screen out essential nutrients during operation from the chickpeas.
  • Business reputation: Other products of the same firm were considered and checked how they perform in the market.

After checking these aspects, we went through the customer reviews and feedback for different products, and thereby, we came up with a comprehensive evaluation of the best-canned garbanzo beans mentioned above.

Different types of canned garbanzo beans

Based on extensive research, canned garbanzo beans can be classified into the following categories:

Types of Garbanzo Beans and other products:

  1. Black chickpeas (Bengal gram) – These Indian chickpeas are dried in the sun. Then they turn into deep rust. They have a deep aroma and nutty taste. Black chickpeas cans are found in specialty food shops. Please do not get these confused with black beans! Very different.
  2. Chickpea shoots: Shoots are mainly used in salads. They can also be found in the local market or at a farmer’s place where they store or retail after harvest.
  3. Chickpea flour: Chickpea flour is obtained by grinding the round raw chickpeas. You can use this in Indian cuisine as well as Italian cuisine. It is used to make pasta or pancakes. Make sure you grind them down with a food mill, grain mill, or industrial blender.
  4. Green chickpeas: Green chickpeas are young and tender. They are found among the locals. They taste precisely like green peas but are more nutritious.

Types of packaging:

  1. Jute bags – Canned garbanzo beans are stored in many ways. A farm-harvested chickpeas batch follows jute bag packaging. It keeps the chickpeas fresh for some time, but a better container should opt to keep the chickpeas for a more extended period.
  2. Tin can – For small quantities of chickpeas, tin can packaging is generally preferred. The packaging is aesthetic, easy to handle, and simple to store. They are air-tight and thus prevent the garbanzo beans from spoiling. Open with your can opener!
  3. Plastic pouches – Plastic pouches are yet another packaging with derived aesthetics and simplicity to store. This is similar to vacuum-sealed bags.

Our Favorite Garbanzo Bean Recipes!

Why you need the Best Canned Garbanzo beans in your Kitchen

  • It is loaded with nutrition. The legume is power-packed with proteins and has a punch of fiber. Chickpea renders several nutritional and health benefits. Chickpea is more interesting because you can add them to many different cuisines.
  • The presence of phytoestrogens in chickpeas modulates the body’s hormone production in women. This lowers the risk of breast cancer and minimizes hot flashes in post-menopausal women.
  • Carbohydrates in legumes are digested slowly, reducing blood sugar spikes that can contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes. The legume provides steady, slow-burning energy to prevent a blood sugar spike. Hence, individuals who eat canned garbanzo beans are less likely to develop diabetes.
  • Due to their high iron content, chickpeas can help in boosting energy. It is essential for pregnant or lactating women, menstruating women, and children. Iron is a necessary component of hemoglobin and is critical in enzyme systems for energy production and metabolism. It helps fulfill one’s body’s iron requirement and prevents anemia.
  • Eating one serving a day of chickpeas increases fullness, which may lead to better weight management. This helps in diet control and increases nutrient absorption in the body.
  • Canned garbanzo beans also aid in better digestion. The fiber in legumes reduces strain on your intestine and cuts the risk of painful disease and constipation. It enhances bowel movement and cleans off the walls of the intestines.

Pastene chickpeas have multiple advantages over other grains, and it also helps in maintaining a proper and healthy diet. After all, healthy eating is healthy living.

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