Five must-have kitchen gadgets

Five must-have kitchen gadgets

Technology has shaped every aspect of our daily lives. From the alarm that wakes you up in the morning, changing from a radio to a smartphone. The way in which you work, swapping the office for your home study. How we enjoy sports, from TV to live streaming while betting online. We could go on all day and not get close to covering everything.

One area of our home and daily lives that certainly hasn’t been able to avoid the impact of technology is the kitchen. There are many gadgets available to purchase and add to your collection, from fully fitted smart kitchen appliances to opening a tin of tuna. These gadgets are marketed as making your life easier and having the power to improve your cooking skills. You can’t halt progress.

Not every new invention is an improvement, though, and some devices prove to be nothing more than an expensive flop. To help avoid paying over the odds for a kitchen device that looks good but isn’t exactly practical, we have put together the below list. Five must-have kitchen gadgets that will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and could even improve your culinary skills.

Do your research

When looking for any new purchase, from a dishwasher to a new car, you must do your research before parting with your hard-earned cash. The five appliances below are examples of what we believe could make a useful addition to your kitchen, and they are widely available online and at most retailers. Some are better quality, more reliable, and safer than others, and you must ensure you are getting the best deal for your money.

It will become obvious quite quickly that most items on this list are alternatives to things you can do by hand and may even enjoy doing by hand. Let’s get started.

Egg boiler

Eggs are a big favorite, but we’re not a fan of waiting 10-15 minutes for them to be boiled, certainly not in the morning when time is tight, and you’re rushing to get ready for work and the kids prepared for school. The egg boiler allows you to boil multiple eggs at a time, and it takes less than three minutes to do. That is a welcome time-saver or any meal.

Bluetooth electric smoker

A tad over the top and just a little show-offy? Who cares? The Bluetooth electric smoker generates heat and smoke without the need for fossil fuels, so it is greener and kinder to the planet. Control the settings remotely and smoke all types of meat and fish. Have a tasty dinner smoked to perfection for you walking in the door. And there’s the little matter of being able to boast about controlling your smoker from your smartphone to anyone that will listen.

Five must-have kitchen gadgets

WiFi air fryer

Air fryers are the big thing at the moment in kitchen appliances, the latest fashion. But are they a fad that will end up stuffed in a cupboard and forgotten about, or are they a vital addition to your line-up? That’s down to personal choice and cooking habits, but if you are a fan of the air fryer, then this is for you. Control the appliance through Alexa, choosing between multiple settings.

Citrus squeezer

Why would you want a citrus squeezer when you could do it all by hand easily enough – said no one, ever. Extracting the juice from lemons is hard, time-consuming work, and most don’t have time or the passion for it. The novelty wore off years ago. A citrus squeezer is cheap, doesn’t use electricity and gets all of the juice all of the time, so no wastage.

Rice cooker

If you are an avid home cooker or even have an occasional glance at an Indian takeaway menu, you’ll know there is an ever-increasing variety of rice to choose from. The rice cooker can be filed under a “cool addition to your kitchen”. Put the rice in the cooker, set the timer, and go do what you need to do. When the timer goes off, your rice will be ready. There’s no mess, no waste, and cleaning up is much easier than using a pot.