How To Keep Your Kitchen Neat

The ideal dining room should be clean and have linen as an element of decor. Besides being useful as a tablecloth or linen napkin, its unique color can provide warmth at banquets. The benchmark for someone skilled at keeping the house is not only about arranging items, but cleanliness is the main thing in keeping the kitchen clean. If you have a dirty kitchen, then you will see a lot of bacteria that can contaminate food. If the kitchen is rarely cleaned, it will accumulate a lot of germs. Must clean the kitchen often because it is used almost every day.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Neat

Many people spend all day at home and often use the kitchen during the pandemic because many restaurants are closed. So, it is vital to keep the kitchen clean.

Tips For Keeping The Kitchen Clean

  • Always wipe the kitchen area if it looks dusty or dirty. Starting from cooking utensils, use a little water or cleaning fluid to clean them.
  • Immediately clean the oil that sticks in the kitchen area. Do not allow oil that falls or leftover cooking oil to stick to the kitchen area.
  • Regularly clean cooking utensils. After use, wash cooking utensils, such as pans, kettles, pans, cutting boards, and knives with soap and running water. Dry it and put it back in its place. Cooking utensils will last longer if they are cared for and maintained.

Benefits Of Cleaning The Kitchen

  • Save on the food budget because you will cook more often and feel at home in the kitchen.
  • It is safe for you and other family members because no dirt is attached to the furniture and cooking utensils.
  • Save time and effort. If you regularly clean the kitchen, you don’t bother to remove the dirt stuck to it. On the other hand, if you rarely clean it, it could be that the leftovers or food will become crusty and difficult to remove.
  • Ready to host events and welcome guests. Events can be held suddenly, as well as guests who come suddenly. If your kitchen is clean, you can start cooking right away when an impromptu event or a sudden guest arrives—no need to bother cleaning first.

The kitchen is like a room that unites guests with residents of the house because you will prepare food for guests and all your family members at every banquet. Therefore it is essential to keep the dining room and kitchen clean. Cleaning the kitchen is not enough to make the atmosphere more comfortable. You can use linen to support the beauty and comfort of all family members. Here are some tips for decorating the dining room with linen:

Banquet Colors And Themes

To make it look more attractive, you can arrange the dining table with a combination of specific decorations, colors, and themes. For example, it is usually appropriate to use a pop art theme with bright and pastel for a birthday theme. For those who like simplicity and elegance, you can use monochrome. Dinner with loved ones will be very suitable if using romantic music. There’s nothing wrong with following a more contemporary trend, namely by using a shabby chic theme.

Choose tableware with matching colors or combined with the color of the tablecloth or table color. The best reference is to use a wooden table. This table is minimalist, but the natural impression will be easier to match with the theme or color of the tableware you have. Gold-colored spoons will also look elegant and flexible, according to the article of the banquet. Combining a wooden table with a suitable linen napkin will present a sleek side coupled with pearl decorations if you want to set the dining table in a formal style. Make sure to also pay attention to lighting, because you don’t want a well-decorated kitchen that ends up looking plain for lack of lighting.

Give Fresh Flowers, Tissue, Or Candles

How to set the right dining table with a beautiful appearance can be obtained from fresh flower decorations. However, the number and layout need to be considered so as not to fill the table. Try to choose fresh flowers that are unscented so that the smell of flowers does not affect the scent of the food served.

Don’t forget that the primary function of the dining table is a comfortable room for guests to eat, so you don’t need to give excessive decorations. Setting the dining table with many decorations makes it complete and blocks the other person’s view. It is essential to know how to set a good dining table, especially in terms of decoration.

You can arrange the dining table with beautiful accessories, for example, flowers, tissue, or candles, if you choose a buffet or buffet theme because the buffet concept will take up more space on the dining table.