Gluten-Free Baking Secrets


Celiac disease sufferers live without more than just bread at the dinner table. Beloved family recipe desserts are usually forbidden, as grandma’s prized pound cake is laden with gluten-rich wheat flour. But thanks to the latest gluten-free ingredients, with a little creativity and experimentation most gluten-free recipes are salvageable.

Domata Can Replace White Flour in Most Desserts

There are many kinds of gluten-free flours marketed to celiac. Most have a gritty texture, more akin to corn meal than all-purpose white flour, making them completely unacceptable substitutes in traditional recipes. Domata Living Flour is completely different than rice, corn, potato or even tapioca flours, as its texture is powdery—finer than standard white flour.

Domata is a mixture of rice flour, corn starch, tapioca flour and xanthan gum. Allergen triggers are virtually eliminated in the mixture, leaving the flour a sound choice for most any food allergy sufferers.

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Domata can replace white flour in most recipes, almost cup-for-cup. For ever cup of flour needed for a recipe, subtract about a tablespoon when using Domata, as its texture is denser than standard flour. Domata can be used in cookies, cakes and biscuits with virtually no problem and no other recipe alterations.

Xanthan Gum and Honey with Yeast-based Crusts and Breads

One of the hardest tasks with a gluten-free flour, even Domata, is compelling the flour to rise in a yeast-based mixture. The trick is to add a teaspoon of xanthan gum per cup of flour to the mixture, then use honey in place of sugar. It may take an extra half hour or more for a gluten-free yeast-based mixture to rise, but it will rise.

Xanthum Gum is a binder that can help gluten-free flours “stick” to other ingredients. Honey goes a step further in adding to the “stickiness.” With these additions, pizza crust can be made from corn flour, rice flour or Domata, and actually taste like pizza crust from your pizza oven.

Finding Gluten-Free Ingredients

Besides the local health food store, the internet holds a wealth of options for gluten-free baking. Amazon, Gluten-free mall, and individual manufacturers all offer competitive prices. Xanthan gum is available at any health food store. While its price ranges around $8-15 per bag, a bag will last a year or more.

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