Healthy on a budget? Try this crazy & flavorful Dragon Fruit!

You have probably seen this fantastic exotic fruit in pictures, at the market or in a supermarket! But did you know that dragon fruit has an incredibly delicious taste, is easy to grow yourself, and is also very healthy for you? We have listed the advantages and possibilities for you so that you can get started right away.

dragon fruit, halves, cross section
Free-Photos (CC0), Pixabay

Why is dragon fruit so popular?

Because of the wonderfully refreshing taste! In addition, the fruits also look incredibly funny. The inside of dragon fruit can contain magenta, pink, white, red, or purple flesh color. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem real, but they really have that fantastic color of their own! It is always a real pleasure to eat this fruit (and also very easy, simply spooning it out is enough). The taste of a pitaya can be described as a sweet cross between a kiwi and a pear and can be eaten raw. The taste differs per color and per dragon fruit cutting variety. Curious what the differences are? Have a look below. What they all have in common is the fact that they roughly have the same nutritional values!

Nutritional benefits

  • Naturally fat-free
  • High in Fibers – Ideally as a snack since it can help you keep full for longer between meals for instance
  • Pitaya is rich in antioxidants
  • Eating this fruit can help strengthen your immune system as it is high in Vitamin C for instance!
  • Great source of Magnesium
  • Discover many more benefits yourself!

Get your own dragon fruit by…

A dragon fruit farm is offering dragon fruit cuttings. This is the fastest way to grow your own exotic fruit. After you have bought your own cutting, you can expect your own dragon fruit within a year! The cactus fruit likes tropical temperatures and can therefore easily survive by growing outdoors, but it is also possible if you live in colder climates to keep the cutting indoors. Dragon Fruit Cutting offers different colors of dragon fruit cuttings and provides much information on anything related to cuttings.

Healthy dragon fruit options

Eating dragon fruit is becoming increasingly popular, but you can also regularly see this exotic fruit in restaurants. The fruit is easy to spoon out, and they are delicious just eaten raw. The fruit is often eaten as a snack, but did you know that they are often used in the following?

  • In desserts
  • Used in a smoothie to add taste, but also some color
  • Dragon fruit water/soda. Delicious water with a taste
  • Pitaya pancakes. Create your own color dragon fruit syrup
  • Dragon fruit salads. Dragon fruit can easily be mixed with other fruits!
  • Pitaya breakfast bowl! Add your dragon fruit in a bowl of yogurt and other fruits

Are yellow dragon fruit cuttings the best tasting?

The yellow pitahaya is the sweetest variety there is and the most flavorful! The yellow variety has yellow skin and white flesh. The little black seeds are simply edible and healthy for you. The fruits are smaller than the rest, but nevertheless very tasty! The yellow dragon fruit cuttings are less common and more difficult to obtain than the other colors. Fortunately, they are becoming easier to obtain. In addition to the yellow variant, red flesh dragon fruits are the sweetest. White dragon fruit cuttings are considered more neutral, but still delicious. However, please keep in mind that this can change per dragon fruit cutting!