Peugeot Salt Grinder

The ways of eating have changed and nowadays, eating fresh and healthy is in vogue in almost every kitchen in the world. That is why people are in search of genuine flavors, true colors, and textures of each fruit and vegetable to go back to the roots of cooking.

Peugeot Salt GrinderIn this case, salt grinders are added to these new practices to bring known flavors to new ways of cooking and handling food, making it a healthier place for both people and the environment.

This has a logic that allows cooking meats and vegetables in traditional ways and seasoning them with spices, such as pepper, chili, garlic, and other spices that give color, taste, and a special touch to each food. Cooking, besides avoiding ingesting anything, is also a therapy.

Why is cooking well for health?

In principle, manipulating the food that we are going to eat connects us with the present, allows us to know what we are going to put in our mouths and our body assimilates it in a different way than industrialized food. For example, when we use a salt grinder in our own seasoning mix, we will notice the difference in taste compared to when we buy something ready-made.

The kitchen can also generate connections in the family, by configuring the bonds from another space. For example, you can build children’s confidence by giving them simple activities that they can do, such as cutting some vegetables or seasoning.

In addition, cooking allows to appreciate flavors more, since the palate is usually used to supermarket food, but when a real taste touches the tip of the tongue, the fresh aromas also allow to connect with nature.

Why use a salt grinder?

In addition to contributing to the decoration of the kitchen through the different formats, it allows the salt to keep its freshness inside and not get wet. Being rustic, it replaces the table salt and gives a more intense flavor to the salt grains. In the case of pepper, it allows preserving its aroma without being invasive in the kitchen.

In addition to the wooden option, which is associated with the rustic, modern advances have made it possible to create stainless steel, plastic, acrylic, and even glass grinders. These small kitchen utensils facilitate the handling of spices while imposing avant-garde in a field that has managed to merge the traditional and the new.

Different types of salt grinders and their functions

This addition has made many chefs around the world happy as it gives a contemporary touch to the table. This gadget allows you to finely salt your food and grind the salt in detail in each dish.

Wooden grinders have elegance and bring refinement to the table. In addition to their aesthetic side, they also allow aromas to be preserved and, in the case of salt, prevent it from getting wet.

Stainless steel grinders are used to perfectly grind coarse salt with better than expected results. In addition, after use, it washes easily and does not lose its color or shine.

The acrylic grinders have a useful detail which is that they leave the spices insight. In the case of salt grinders, whether pink, green, gray, or white, it will give a special touch to the fact that its transparency allows you to see inside.

As well as these salt grinder options, there are many other kitchen utensils that have evolved, adapting to the new ways of cooking and approaching food. While we currently live in a fast-paced and anxious society, it is important to allow ourselves to connect with the primordial that is food.

Many recipes bring us closer to our grandparents and their traditions and in the case of wooden utensils, they generate proximity to the past, where we do not know if things were better, but less manipulated by the food industry. To return to link us with the raw material is what will generate healthy habits

Using textures and flavors in real food, people can notice changes in their mood and physical state that they were not aware of before. Starting to use spices in grains is one of the small changes that will lead to bigger and better changes.