Home Based Businesses for the Cook and Baker: Sell Preserves and Baked Goods or Start a Small Catering Service


People who love to cook can find numerous ways to earn extra income with a home based business from what they produce in their own kitchens. Food is an essential purchase and most people are drawn to foods that are freshly-made with all natural ingredients, and professionally presented. Here are four ideas for turning the joy of baking and cooking into cash. The amount of money earned depends on the quality of the items being sold and how much time the cook is willing to invest.

Home-Based Business with Designer Preserves

The things that sell out quickly at any farmer’s market, bazaar or craft show are the homemade or designer preserves. Buyers especially enjoy the pretty jars with dips, sauces and jams. They easily fetch between $3 and $10 per jar. The cook should practice her skills and create her own tastes.

Home-Baked Business with Baked Goods

Cooks and bakers could make some visits to local up-market fine food shops to convince them to order their fancy muffins, giant cookies, other baked goods and preserves. There is high demand for artisan breads as well. This home-based business is a commitment, and the baker could get regular weekly or daily orders. Offer free samples to entice the shop-owners. Pretty professional packaging with the cook’s logo will help spread the word.

Small Catering Service

Take on catering work. It isn’t necessary to invest a fortune and it’s possible to keep the catering business small. Concentrate on teas and luncheons for womens’ clubs, gardening clubs, historical societies or wedding and baby showers. Spread the word through print advertising, the internet and bulletin boards, with a view to catering to small group gatherings.

Offer special lunch choices with names like Afternoon Tea, Gardener’s Pallet or Wedding Bells. Print up brochures and list the foods and items involved in each lunch choice.

To take the creativity further, Afternoon Tea, for example, could come with all the accoutrements such as pretty bone china tea cups, tea pots, lacy table cloths, three-tiered cake plates and tea plates. Unmatched china is the order of the day and will offer your clients a charming luncheon they won’t forget. These accoutrements are easily found in thrift shops and the caterer could have fun collecting everything she needs. Using her own personal style and pizazz, she’ll be building a brand along with her clientele.

Sweet Wake-Ups

Offer a Sunday morning wake-up service by delivering small baskets of home-made baked goods like croissants and muffins along with the best hot coffee and the Sunday New York Times to clients. This is a home-based business worth growing. Try to concentrate on building clientele in apartment blocks or high-rise condos. When ready to hire employees, the cook can devote her own time to baking and booking clients.

A service like this is certainly worth between $50 and $100 per month to the cook’s clients, whether they are a couple or a single person. Consider offering the service to people in more affluent neighborhoods. Don’t be afraid to keep prices high, but fair for this unique and somewhat elite service. Have a professional presentation of the goods upon delivery.

Those are just a few ideas for the cook or baker to supplement her income with a home-based business. These businesses all have the potential to become full-time profitable ventures. If the cook is creative and builds a unique brand, she can’t go wrong.

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