Homemade Baklava Recipe


Baklava is an easy choice if you want to bake something in your kitchen, whether you want to do it because you need to serve dessert tonight or whether because you just have extra time and you like the aroma of baking. This sweet pastry has been the dessert of choice for centuries now and is expected to stay so for centuries to come.

If you are one of those who enjoy doing things with their hands, this is a good project for you. If you invited people into your house tonight and would like to bake something handmade for them, making Baklava for dessert will be a satisfying experience. There is almost no better choice than this sweet pastry full of pistachios. You might want to get the dough from the store instead of baking from scratch just to save some time and effort, but you can do all the remaining steps yourself. It might take a little more than other regular desserts to prepare, but the result will be a much tastier treat.

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These pastries have been the preferred desserts in the Middle East for centuries and they are today the most prepared sweet at home. Many people whether it is even possible to make high quality Baklava in one’s kitchen. In reality, it all depends on the recipe and the quality of ingredients used. You can make the same quality at home as that prepared in the best manufacturing facilities. The ingredients are rather few and easily found, but one needs to spend extra care making sure the best quality ones are used. This has a large effect on the overall taste of Baklava. Once the ingredients are available and a recipe is ready, nothing should stop you to make delicious treats in your home with no hassle.

One might ask when is the best time to offer Baklava. There is really no best time. Even though most people eat it as a dessert, you can take a bite or a piece anytime you feel the need to something sweet. Whatever the occasion is, just offer them with the rest of the desserts. That would work whether it is a dessert after lunch or dinner. They are rather light treats, and can be offered after a heavy meal.

Baklava is easy to manufacture because the skills required are easy to learn. They are indeed skills involved and these have to be mastered before you can make really good tasting versions, but they can be learned by watching a video or checking an illustrated step by step guide. An illustration is helpful because they involve many hand manipulations of the dough.

Handling the ingredients is not that difficult because there are only a few of them. Flour, nuts, and sugar are the main items that go into Baklava. The nuts constitute the filling, and they are usually used in their raw state. They are just placed between the layers of dough before baking. The sugar is added to boiling water in order to form the sugar syrup which is poured on top of the pastry before and after baking in order to make it taste sweet. You can add more or less from make depending on how sweet you like your treats.

There are a few options for the filling. Pistachios and pine nuts are very popular in the Middle East, but walnuts are not more in the Western world. This is left to your preference and desire. Just remember that the more nuts you use, the better tasting the product will be.

It is indeed possible to bake premium quality Baklava at home given the right ingredients and recipe. The skills can be easily learned.

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