3 Best Hot Chocolate Mix Brands (2020 Guide)


If you like having a steaming hot, flavorful drink as you sit down and relax, then you’ll surely love our top 3 hot chocolate mix selections. Now what we find really good about these products is, we can quickly and conveniently prepare hot chocolate any time of the day, anywhere (as long as you have hot water handy, you’re gold).

Hot Chocolate MixSo we still did our usual extensive research work and thorough testing procedures, as always. We went to the best-seller lists of popular shopping networks like Amazon to find out what’s happening in this particular category. Plus, we asked around — We hounded our friends and loved ones, along with our fellow hot choco lovers at the social groups and online communities where we hang out. And afterward, we also built a team of testers to try out our shortlisted hot chocolate mix options.

And we started out with a list of 25 top-rated hot chocolate mix brands. But after our tests, we carefully evaluated each product based on a checklist that we also shared below. So what shook out from all the time and effort that we put in are these 3 best hot chocolate mix brands this 2020:

Best Hot Chocolate Mix Review Center

ImageHot Chocolate MixRating
Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Envelopes, Double Chocolate, 1.5-Ounce (Pack of 15)#1 - Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Envelopes
Rich, Natural Chocolate Flavor
Dissolves Easily, No Clumps
Ideal for Warm / Hot Water, Milk & Coffee
Nestle Hot Chocolate Packets, Hot Cocoa Mix, Rich Chocolate Flavor, Made with Real Cocoa, 50 Count (0.71 Oz each), 35.5 Oz#2 - Nestle Hot Chocolate Packets
Kosher & Caffeine-Free
Shelf Life of Over 27 Months
Also Suitable for Baking
Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Mix, 48 oz Canister#3 - Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate Gourmet Powder
Deeply Rich, Gourmet Choco Flavor
Perfect for Beverages & Pastries
Made in the USA

So right now, we’re fixating on these 3 best hot choco mix brands. And if you want to learn all the stuff that we found out about each of these products, then just go through our detailed yet simple to understand reviews below. And as soon as you’re ready, just click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Mix Envelopes

Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Envelopes, Double Chocolate, 1.5-Ounce (Pack of 15)

This product aims to capture the richness of pure hot chocolate. Ghirardelli’s premium hot chocolate mix gives off a strong flavor – All you need to do is to add in hot water, and enjoy this tasty hot beverage anytime you like. Ghirardelli is a company that hand-picks nothing but the finest cocoa beans, so they can create their chocolate bean blends and slow-roast these cacao beans to perfection. Their premium hot chocolate mix is intense, and there’s a reason why Ghirardelli’s own line of hot chocolate mixes has won plenty of awards everywhere. That’s why many of us here consider this as the best gift for hot chocolate lovers today.

  • PROS
  • Each box of Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Envelopes contains over 15 sachets;
  • This product is made in the USA;
  • Each sachet can produce around 15 ounces of hot, tasty choco; and
  • Shipping weight of the entire box of 15 sachets is 1.7 lbs.
  • It tastes good when mixed with warm water or milk, or even coffee;
  • Ghirardelli is a brand recognized for producing high-quality chocolate, so you can be sure that this hot chocolate mix is also one of the best in the market this year;
  • This hot choco product dissolves easily and has a very smooth finish, so you won’t find any powder clumps on the top or bottom of your mug;
  • Aside from sachets, this product also comes in metal cans with a beautiful design; and
  • It has a rich, natural chocolaty flavor.

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#2 – Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix Packets

Nestle Hot Chocolate Packets, Hot Cocoa Mix, Rich Chocolate Flavor, Made with Real Cocoa, 50 Count (0.71 Oz each), 35.5 Oz

Nestle’s hot chocolate is comprised of a smooth and rich hot chocolate mix, with a yummy aftertaste of vanilla. Now the combination of indulgent hot chocolate and vanilla results to a drink that’s both tasty and comforting. After all, Nestle uses nothing but the best and sustainably-sourced cocoa beans for their hot chocolate products. All you have to do is add a sachet to hot water or milk, and you can have a delicious hot chocolate experience. Also, in case you run a café or just about any other food business, feel free to serve this hot chocolate to your customers.

  • PROS
  • Each hot chocolate sachet holds around 35.5 ounces of hot chocolate mix powder;
  • Each box contains over 50 sachets, letting you enjoy Nestle’s hot chocolate for as long as you like;
  • Shipping weight of this box is 2.6 lbs., which measures 8.5 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches; and
  • Some of its most crucial ingredients include sugar, corn syrup solids, vegetable oil, and cocoa processed with alkali.
  • This product is caffeine-free and Kosher;
  • Has a shelf life of over 27 months;
  • The huge dispenser box filled with hot chocolate sachets makes your pantry look organized and clean, as there’s no need to clean up in case you spill some of the powder; and
  • Not only is this product great for drinking, as you can even use this as an ingredient in baking cheesecake or chocolate chip cookies

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#3 – Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate Gourmet Powder

Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Mix, 48 oz Canister

This version of Ghirardelli’s premium hot chocolate is also great for your baking needs. There’s a reason why this company’s products are famous around the world. The people behind Ghirardelli use their knowledge and skill in chocolate-making to create nothing but the best kind of quality baking and drinking products. All of the delicious baked goods and pastries that you make using Ghirardelli’s sweet ground chocolate powder produce a very smooth texture and an amazingly deep flavor. Your friends will surely be impressed when you serve it to them in whatever way.

  • PROS
  • This product is made in the USA;
  • It’s packaged as a 48-ounce canister; and
  • The canister weighs around 3 lbs., while its shipping weight is at around 3.2 lbs.
  • This product has a deeply rich, complex cocoa flavor, which will surely impress any hot chocolate connoisseur;
  • Great for use in both drinks and desserts. Use it with coffee, as a hot chocolate drink, for brownies, chocolate cookies, and cakes;
  • As a beverage, you can serve it hot or cold; and
  • Made with real cocoa powder, a standard of Ghirardelli’s high-quality products.

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Hot Chocolate Mix Buyer’s Guide

The hot chocolate mix brands that we mentioned here on our list were all picked because of a handful of factors. These factors include the pricing, as well as the quality of the chocolate powder before and after it’s been mixed. Of course, we also focused on the taste of these products — If the chocolate is too overpowering, or if it’s too bland. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try these out for baking using these hot chocolate mixes, since our testers were only given limited samples. And the final factor for our testing was the packaging.

What Makes a Hot Chocolate Mix Suitable for Your Exact Needs?

  1. Solid chocolate bars make a better option — Melted solid chocolate bars added to warm milk produce hot chocolate that has a much thicker consistency. The flavors are also more pronounced and are also sweeter. But do take note that there are hot chocolate brands out there which leave a bitter aftertaste;
  2. Use whole milk when making hot chocolate — Whole milk hits the right spot, especially when the flavor of hot chocolate you’re using has a bolder flavor. But if you want to go the healthy route, then low-fat or non-fat milk options are also great;
  3. Don’t add too much sweetener — White sugar doesn’t give your hot chocolate that needed boost. Healthier options include brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup. Just a spoonful of these products will do because too much of it will overpower the drink’s bitterness;
  4. Heat up sugar and milk before adding the hot chocolate mix — For chocolate bars, throw it in when the milk and sugar mixture is hot. This will cause the chocolate to melt right away. The chocolate won’t burn or overheat when you place it over direct heat;
  5. Adding cornstarch helps — Cornstarch is a known thickening agent. Only add a tiny bit, because your hot chocolate drink might end up looking like pudding. Keep whisking the cornstarch to make it smooth; and
  6. Give it a touch of your unique personality — People will usually add spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg to their hot chocolate. Sometimes, even a pinch of salt or chili powder will awaken your drink’s flavors.

Hot Chocolate Mix FAQs

What is tempering chocolate?

If you are a chocolatier, tempering requires every inch of your patience. This is the process where you bring melted chocolate to various temperatures so you can adjust it to your preference. Chocolate is easily affected by outside temperature and humidity. So for example, tempering chocolate in a humid environment will take a while, because it stabilizes slowly.

Where does chocolate come from?

It is common knowledge that chocolate is the product of a cacao bean. Cacao beans, in turn, grow on trees in tropical forests near the Equator (Specifically, South America). Cacao beans were considered as food of the gods by ancient South American tribes.

How do I properly store a hot chocolate mix?

No matter the type of hot chocolate mix, you need to store it inside an airtight container. Put this container in a dark area with a temperature of 60 to 70°F. Sometimes the original container is a great option, as plenty of hot chocolate mix containers often come with an air-tight lid. If you store the hot chocolate mix properly, then it can last for up to two years.

Can I store hot chocolate mixes inside my fridge?

No. The cold air inside your fridge can help quicken the spoilage of your hot chocolate mix. Remember, water coming from the moisture can also change the composition of the product. So be sure that the container and room is always dry. If you’re planning to store it for a long time, then be sure to replace the container after a year.

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