How Automation Technologies are Transforming Your Kitchen?

Don’t you think it’s time to redesign your kitchen? In this context, redesigning means a new approach to the way your traditional furniture can be used in the kitchen. Today’s broad variety of available technology and automation solutions can provide homeowners with a better level of comfort and the opportunity to change a common home style and storage options.

How Automation Technologies are Transforming Your Kitchen?

To be more precise, you can do regular things quicker and keep all the stuff with safety making the space around organized and clean. The best part about it is that you can control everything just by pressing a button. Tech advances offered for people around the world are becoming even closer due to Progressive Automations and their great solutions for homes and various industrial areas. Check out their superior products to discover the benefits everyone can have today.

It is hard to believe but it is possible to find out nowadays very sophisticated devices for home application, such as a smart fridge that allows evaluating the inventory even without the necessity to open the door. That is only one example of smart technologies for your kitchen which really impresses. Exploring the market of home automation, everyone can find good ideas for personal implementation with a strong desire to try at least something.

Contemporary kitchens can change the way you think about performing your daily routines at the kitchen. Learn more about how to simplify your life at home and feel comfortable

The way automation works and can be integrated into your kitchen and home

A linear actuator has been considered an essential element that can replace the old-fashioned approach of householding with new smart functionality. Approximately 70 years ago industrial businesses started to implement automation to be more productive. In the course of time, people made tangible steps towards home automation facilitating the improvement we can enjoy using these innovations.

The realization projects can be diverse but in this article, we examine the examples possible for kitchen automation. Though food delivery and eating out are currently popular we still prefer to cook at home and gather with family members or friends. It means we usually strive to find the balance between finding comfort and creating more free space without constant cluttering and looking for a tin-opener.

Lifting systems can fit any kitchen unit making your cupboard movable when it goes down and then comes up to its starting position. The next possible variant is to save a lot of breathing space when you can hide different cooking devices and accessories inside of the special compartments in a well-ordered manner. How does it work? You simply press the button and get the necessary kitchen stuff out. The incorporated linear actuators perform these automatic movements seamlessly and with no distracting sound at all.

The last example is aimed at saving your space and is recommended for small apartments where the kitchen is very tiny. But this is not the only case for kitchen automation. Even homeowners of huge houses with big families are looking for storage and space improvement solutions. This is such a trend today – no matter how large your living space is, as the more free space you get which is uncluttered and optimized, the better your design style is.

Putting away various equipment for food processing and other bulky appliances, for instance, meat grinder or juice extractor requires being creative enough to find the necessary space for automation system implementation. Still, even specific and sophisticated projects can be carried out.

The best  4 kitchen automation projects

It seems people are trying to minimize all the efforts making everything connected and easily controlled. And it really works giving you additional time for doing something you want as well as the opportunity to keep the things around ordered. These four nice ideas may be reflected in your potential kitchen redesigning project without a sweat.

1. Kitchen worktop with adjustable feature

When dealing with the kitchen design, we commonly pay considerable attention to such an important part as a worktop. Those who like to cook or have to do it daily know how it is important to make this zone comfortable and facilitated. Automation technology can convert it into an adjustable unit that can be seamlessly controlled to meet the needs of the homeowner.

A special linear actuator will help to realize such updating and can be installed under the worktop itself, so no one will see it. A user-friendly control panel allows you to manage the height you need operating very quickly. Before applying any type of actuator it’s critical to know the amount of force it should possess to keep the necessary weight when working.

2. Smart cabinets and trolleys

Have you ever faced the challenge when it was hard to organize a storage space in the kitchen? We usually have so many things and devices there that it appears almost impossible to make them less visible and put in place. You can change everything if to install automated parts in your kitchen furniture. In such a way improve the positioning of massive appliances and automate big storage areas. The choice of the possible construction depends on the actual room, the area behind the wall (if any), shelves, and extra space under the required parts of the cabinetry.

3. Retractable tables

The interior of a tiny kitchen often depends on the way we place our furniture and if it is functional enough. If this is not your case, it is time to think about a small redesign or improvement. The dining table usually takes a lot of space in the kitchen but it is not a problem if you use a contemporary retractable table you can set up and enjoy its functionality. You can fold it whenever it is necessary and hide it away after it has been used. In such a way you save a notable area in your small kitchen and at the same time will have a full-sized table for the whole family.

4. Automated spice rack application 

If you want to perform a small kitchen automation project yourself, this one should be easy for every DIY fancier. The list of required materials is not so comprehensive so you definitely can cope with it alone. The following construction will be installed inside of the counter, freestanding cabinet, or any other flat-laying surface. Just applying the appropriate linear actuators you will receive the required effect when your smart rack rises and after you take the necessary containers, it returns to its initial position. It sounds really fantastic, doesn’t it?

Before carrying out any of the offered projects, it is recommended to ask for advice from a home automation expert and be sure your materials are appropriate and can be complied with your kitchen furniture.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.