How Do Elite Men like to Spend Their Spare Time

Where some people want to be productive and creative in their spare time, others just want to have some fun and relax. However, the activities that people do in their spare time are somewhat related to the class they belong. The higher and richer the class, the more luxurious and fancy their spare time activities are. Money makes the real difference and it surely plays a strong role in impacting the overall lifestyle of a person. People belonging to the elite class, especially men have an entirely different perspective on spare-time activities and their financial status is largely reflected in what they do when they aren’t working.

Here is the list of all the leisure time and recreational activities that elite men love to do in their spare time!

How Do Elite Men like to Spend Their Spare Time

Traveling Around the Globe

Where middle-class men save the whole year for a short trip, elite men just need to set up their mood, finances are never their problem. Traveling around the globe is the most favorite spare time activity of elite men. Their travel destinations include the most expensive countries or locations of the world like France, Egypt, Iceland, etc. Their whole vacation plan is lavish and luxurious, from five-star hotels to expensive shopping. They never have to wait for the flight’s schedule as most of them have their own private jets. Their vacation trips happen frequently and they don’t have to bother about salaries like ordinary people. It’s just the vibe, if they feel like vacationing, they just do that! And they often hire female escorts to accompany them from reputed agencies that provide female travel companions for hire. That’s how they go about it.


Philanthropy is the most common spare time activity of elite men but their philanthropist activities are often criticized by the public and labeled as a publicity stunt. But, most of the elite people are seen contributing generously towards philanthropist activities. In fact, according to the statistics, more than 50% of the elite men are committed to charitable causes. There are numerous charitable foundations around the world and most of these are initiated by the elite class.

As stated earlier, the charitable activities of elite men are mostly criticized by the public, some refer it these as publicity stunts while others call it their psychological need of feeling good about oneself but all of these are just controversies. We all know that it needs a big heart and of course, a lot of money to participate in such noble activities. In fact, the philanthropist’s activities must be admired and acknowledged.


Having the most expensive wines in the world is a very exciting and pleasurable pass time for elite men. But, that’s just not it. In their spare time, elite men love to spend time at their own vineyards where they make wine for themselves. It has become a new favorite hobby of elite men.

Besides, it is a very common practice in the elite class to have wine cellars and wineries in their villas, and hence, it is quite easy for them to prepare their selves.

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Adventurous Activities

Thrill and adventure run in the blood of elite boys, they literally crave it! Sports activities are just ordinary! Mountain climbing was introduced by some crazy adventurers to do something different. And in the present day, hiking, trekking, and climbing have become common adventurous exercises. Among all these activities, high altitude climbing is an activity reserved for the rich.

Climbing the most famous summits of the world does not only require you to put your life at risk but a huge amount of money as well. Just, take the example of Mount Everest, its summit costs range from 35 dollars to more than 100 dollars. And not to forget the taxes, which are raising day by day!


Hunting sounds like an ordinary hobby as it does not seem fancy or expensive about going into the forest and do some hunting, which is actually partially true! However, some aspects of it have become really expensive. Buying a gun alone is a pretty expensive deal!

Besides, the hunting taxes and expedition also costs a lot. And if someone wants to hunt exotic animals, then the costs get higher.


Elite men love to go clubbing. In fact, the clubs they go to are nothing like the regular clubs. They’re a class apart. And more than often, they’re accompanied by pretty hot female escorts. The hotter their date is, the more attention they get.

Leisure activities play an important role in adding peace and comfort to one’s life. However, the more comfortable one wants, the more money they got to spend, which is surely not a big deal for elite men and that’s the reason elite men spend their spare time doing expensive activities.