How to Bake on a Campfire

The How-to Guide for Making Fresh Cornbread and Biscuits on the Campfire

Fresh baked biscuits make any campground breakfast a wondrous feast for the family. Also, fresh cornbread adds a delicious side to any lunch or dinner when camping. A campfire cook can easily cook fresh cornbread and biscuits on a campfire with just a little planning and a few materials. By baking cornbread and biscuits on the campfire you and your family will all be able to enjoy sumptuous meals every time you go camping.

A few basic materials are needed in order to bake on a campfire. The first thing you need is a 12 inch by 18 inch sheet of galvanized steel. Then you will need a 9 inch iron skillet and a 12 inch iron skillet. Also you will need your biscuit or cornbread mix, a little butter and some water. In addition to this you will need a mixing bowl and a fork. Finally, you need some insulated leather gloves and a good campfire that has burned down to just being hot coals.

To begin with mix your biscuit or cornbread mix with water. Mix this with the fork in the mixing bowl until it is the consistency of thick dough. Then use the butter to grease the 9 inch skillet. Once this is done use the fork to pinch off small pieces of the dough and place the pieces into the 9 inch skillet.

Next lay the 12 inch by 18 inch piece of galvanized steel over the hot coals of the campfire. Then place the 9 inch skillet on top of the sheet of galvanized steel. Now place the 12 inch skillet inverted over the top of the 9 inch skillet completely covering the 9 inch skillet.

Use a stick from nearby to pull some of the outer coals out from underneath the steel sheet. Then use the insulated leather gloves to pick up the coals and place them on top of the 12 inch skillet. The heat from the coals beneath the 9 inch skillet and coming from above it will be evenly distributed. The biscuits or cornbread inside of the 9 inch skillet will bake in about 30 to 45 minutes time and should not be burned due to the evenly distributed heat.

After 30 to 45 minutes, use the insulated leather gloves to remove the coals from the top of the 12 inch skillet. Then use the insulated leather gloves to remove the 12 inch skillet from over the 9 inch skillet. Now remove the 9 inch skillet from the steel sheet. Be sure to still use the insulated leather gloves so you don’t burn your hands. At this point your cornbread or biscuits should be finished and ready to be eaten.

Now the next time you and your family go camping you won’t have to just eat freeze dried or canned food. You can now enjoy delicious fresh baked biscuits or cornbread because unlike the average camper, you know how to bake on a campfire.

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