How To Be Respectful When Sexting

Sexting (also known as sex via text or sending and receiving sexually explicit messages and pictures) is one of the most common ways of expressing sexuality and flirting. This new viral form of communication occurs on digital platforms and is most commonly used by young people.

woman in white cardigan holding black smartphone


Sexting is a pleasurable aspect of sex dating resulting from healthy sexual encounters. But just like every other sexual activity, it is fraught with potential risks and a few long-term consequences.

There is no denying that sexting is fun – or can be – just like sex, provided it is done respectfully. It is not just a fun game to indulge in when you’re bored.

If this is your first time or you’re about to engage in sexting, following the rules shared in the following paragraphs may be helpful. You will discover how to remain respectful to the opposite sex when sexting.

Know your partner

This is the most crucial aspect of sexting. Ensure you know what they like and dislike, and of course, learn more about their boundaries. For instance, some people may be into various kinks while others may find them off-putting. Find out which side of the divide your sexting partner hangs out on and follow through with that information.

Always err on the side of caution if you are not 100 percent sure or in doubt.

Build up intensity

It is important to think of sexting as real sex. While jumping straight into things is not unheard of, many still prefer some sort of foreplay before getting down to it.

Therefore, try something sweet and fairly innocent, such as:

“I would love to kiss you again.”

“I dreamt of your soft lips all night,” etc.

Build it up by slowly moving on to risqué messages, carefully gauging every response as you go.

Don’t take screenshots without permission

If your sexting partner sends you their nudes on Snapchat, they probably believe that the images will self-destruct within seconds. Taking the screenshots and saving the images for later use without their permission is rude.

If you have such plans in mind, let them know. Since you’re already in the sexting universe, your partner most likely won’t mind. Moreover, reassuring your partner that you won’t intentionally share those images will help put their mind at ease.

It is also an excellent move that will further bolster their morale to keep the sexts coming.

Leave something to the imagination

Sexting is beautiful and thrilling when shrouded in mystery. Don’t reveal anything your bathing suit would not. This is an excellent way to keep the messages coming and the entire conversation exciting.

You should also consider not showing your identifying features – such as your face, birthmarks, tattoos, etc. on sexting sites. This goes both ways as it helps you maintain an excellent measure of privacy and deniability if something unexpected happens and the sexuality-explicit images become public.

Unless prompted, never send a picture of your private parts

The truth is, you should never send a picture of your penis. But as everyone knows, the invention of smartphone cameras has made this rule almost non-existent. Many guys don’t hesitate to take pictures of their private parts and send them to girls just to show how ‘macho’ they are down there.

But living by this rule is crucial, especially when sexting someone you want to get serious with down the road. Do not send a picture – or pictures – of your penis unless she explicitly demands it.

Some ladies are curious and want to know how heavily you weigh between your legs. But many others are not so interested. Everything boils down to the first tip: know your sexting partner. Therefore, waiting until prompted to send such images is an excellent rule to live by.

Use emojis wisely

Using emojis when chatting online helps stimulate conversations and eliminates awkwardness and cowardice.

You need to use emojis wisely or risk sending the entire conversation down the rabbit hole. Therefore, use lipstick emojis, facial reaction emojis, hand-slap emojis, heart emojis (in all their variations), etc. Refrain from using fist emojis, the poop emoji, animal emojis, etc.


Sexting as respectfully as possible. However, just like sex, you can’t jump into it without the other person’s consent.

Establish your audience, ask politely if it’s okay to sext, and take it up from there. The tips shared above are not set rigidly in stone. But sticking to them will help you go beyond first base, resulting in an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for the both of you.