How To Clean A Popcorn Machine


How To Clean A Popcorn Machine

We all love eating popcorn, and it is among most favored snacks in the world as people cannot resist the salty and buttery taste of it. And we all know that every movie or a football game is way better with popcorn. Although popcorn is quite easy to prepare in a specialized machine, cleaning popcorn machine is the hard part, and it should be done after every use because of too much oil. We will explain how to clean popcorn machine and here you can check out the best popcorn poppers on the market.

What you Need to Know Before Cleaning Popcorn Machine

1. Cleaning products

It is impossible to clean the greasy buildup with hot water only, so you’ll need dish soap or citrus or orange non-toxic cleaners to do it properly. You can also check out the special cleaning products made for popcorn machines, and they are particularly useful for the kettle part of your popcorn machine.

For the inside and outside of the glass, you can use the ammonia-free window cleaner, or you can make a mixture of water and white vinegar. But, before you start, check the user’s manual instruction just to be sure you are not going to use anything that can eventually damage your popcorn machine.

2. Preparation and safety

First, you need to turn off and unplug your popcorn machine. Before you start to clean popcorn maker, you need to be sure all heating components and lights are turned off. And you will need to leave the kettle to cool for at least 45 minutes, so it should be cool enough to the touch before cleaning. Make sure you have removed all kernels and popcorn from the kettle, and you’ve drained the oil. Also, you can use protective gloves to prevent any contact between the machine and your bare hands. After you’ve done all these, it is time to start with cleaning.

How to Clean Popcorn Maker Properly

Clean Popcorn Maker

The first step is to unplug the kettle so you can remove it from the machine. Now you can wipe it on the inside and the outside using a towel or a damp sponge. After you wiped it off, we recommend you to boil out the kettle using a particular kettle cleaner, and you can find it in almost every kitchen supply store. On the package of the cleaner, you will see how much water you will need in the mix.

After you’ve finished with boiling, rinse the kettle with a sponge or a wet cloth. Maybe you will need a good effort to remove all oil layers from it, so keep wiping until it is completely clean. Just don’t submerge the kettle because this can damage it. When you are done with a kettle, you can start cleaning the other parts of the popcorn machine.

The second step is to clean the glass. We all know how fast oil builds up in a popcorn machine, so you have to clean the glass after each use if you don’t want to get some heavy oil alluvion. In this part of the process, you will need the ammonia-free window cleaner, or you can use a mixture of water and white vinegar. You can use these for cleaning the interior metallic surfaces, too. Just be sure you are using the food-safe products. Wipe away all glass and metallic surfaces using a paper towel, and rinse it with water if it is needed. Make sure everything is thoroughly dry before you plug in the popcorn machine.

The third and the final step is to clean the outside of your popcorn machine. We recommend you to use a non-ammonia glass cleaner and a damp towel to remove all oil slicks and fingerprints from the outer surface. For exterior metallic surfaces, you can also use warm water with a few drops of dish washing detergent. Wipe away all spots and leave surfaces to dry completely.

When all parts of your popcorn machine are cleaned, it is time to reinstall the kettle back in. Now you have to make sure everything is fully dry so you can securely plug the machine in. Don’t rush, because any remaining amount of water can cause some damage to electronic parts and you certainly don’t want to break it down when you wanted to clean it.

Now, let’s see a quick resume of how to clean popcorn popper:

–    Turn off and unplug your popcorn machine

–    Leave the kettle to cool for at least 45 minutes

–    Drain the oil and remove all kernels and popcorn from the kettle

–    Unplug the kettle and remove it from the machine

–    Boil out the kettle using a special kettle cleaner

–    Rinse the kettle with a sponge or a wet cloth

–    Remember – don’t submerge the kettle

–    Clean the glass and interior metallic surfaces – use ammonia-free window cleaner

–    Clean the outside of your popcorn machine

–    Reinstall the kettle back in

–    Make sure everything is fully dry before you plug your popcorn machine in


Having a popcorn machine is always a great thing as they are such a popular snack worldwide. But if you have the one, you need to know how to properly clean popcorn popper. You need to use so much oil when you are making popcorn, so if you don’t clean your machine regularly, you will get into trouble. But if you do it as we suggest you, you will have no issues, and your popcorn popper will always be nice and clean. And if you are still searching for a reliable popcorn machine, please check out our list of the top ten popcorn poppers you can find on the market in 2017.

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