How to Cook With A Disability


I started cooking five or six years ago. My first few months of efforts were nothing spectacular, but I kept on trying. Perseverance is the key to anything you want to learn to do and do right. This is especially true for cooking.

When I first began my baking and cooking adventures, there was no information available. Today, the Internet will give you a wealth of baking tips and tricks from experts. But since these weren’t available way back when, I had to devise my own.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is to keep it simple unless you’re feeling adventurous and up to tackling a complicated recipe. Simple recipes and meals can always be dressed up after they are prepared by adding garnishes, spices and anything else you like. Two of the easiest dishes to spice up after the fact are Hamburger Helper and meatloaf.

Cooking with a disability is not impossible. It can be just as wonderful and fulfilling an experience for someone with a disability as without if a few simple steps are taken before you begin.

Some of the pre-preparation tips I find helpful:

  • If you can’t slice, chop or cut the necessary ingredients, have your attendant do it before she/he leaves.
  • Gather all the ingredients before you begin cooking. Open each jar/bottle and line them up on the prep area for easy access.
  • Measure all liquid ingredients and pour into large (32 or 64 oz.) cup so you only need to measure once.

I hope you find these tips and tricks as useful as I do.

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