How to Prevent and Control Canada Goose Damage

Don’t let the Canada goose mess up with your home. Control them. Use different methods to tame Canada goose. Remember, the Canada goose can be destructive and annoying. On those lines, here is the guide you need to control the Canada goose. You will learn about different goose deterrent options.

How to Prevent and Control Canada Goose Damage
MabelAmber (CC0), Pixabay

Use Frightening Devices

Frightening devices can be utilized for short-term control. They can be highly effective in controlling nuisance behaviors before the geese become habituated to a sp9ecific location. However, you shouldn’t utilize frightening items when the geese are nesting. Remember, human-operated frightening devices are usually more reliable than stationary ones.

When using these devices, be sure to consider the timing of your activities. If you aren’t careful, the geese might flee into hazardous incidents, such as traffic or aircraft. Place stationary frightening gadgets where there are no obstacles. Remember, such devices might be vulnerable to theft or vandalism in public areas. Consider relocating the devices frequently in order to avoid acclimation by geese. When the geese become habituated, the frightening devices will easily lose their effectiveness.


Visual devices can be utilized for creating a frightening image. Quietness is an essential component of visual frightening devices. That’s why they’re commonly used in populated areas.

Generally speaking, visual frighteners aren’t effective in suburban lawns. And that’s mainly because there are no trees in such areas. Effigies with moving parts are more efficient than non-moving ones. But be sure to reposition them frequently.

You may also want to consider placing flags and balloons on poles. Geese are usually reluctant to linger below an object hovering overhead. Remote-controlled boats are also believed to be highly effective in hazing geese. Choose Boats that feature the perfect size. Make sure that they can work perfectly when the weather is calm. Plus, the boats should be compatible with pyrotechnics. Red or green lasers can be highly effective for keeping away geese at night. High-powered spotlights can also be utilized to create the same effect.


Research has proven that noise can discourage geese from staying in a given area. Noisemakers work perfectly as preventive measures before the birds become established in a particular area. In areas with a history of frequent visits by geese and people, the geese might become acclimatized within one to two weeks. But in certain urban centers, the use of noisemakers might be prohibited. So, be sure to check the local laws with the relevant enforcement agencies. Check their provisions about noise control, discharge of firearms, as well as, fire safety codes. If necessary, consider obtaining permits. In certain regions, starter pistols are categorized as handguns. As, such, their possession, as well as, use might be regulated. Occasional shooting geese can enhance the effectiveness of noisemakers.

Dogs Can Scare Them Off

Dogs can be trained to chase geese. And once they’re trained, they can highly effective for controlling geese. They can be used to disperse geese from parks, airports, as well as, corporate properties. Border collies, in particular, tend to be more reliable.

However, it’s always important to ensure that the dogs are closely supervised. Another alternative is to allow your dogs to roam freely in a well-fenced area. Geese can’t acclimate to being hurtled by dogs. Dogs can’t easily scare away geese from large water areas. But they can be useful in keeping them off shorelines, as well as, beaches.


Choose a certified applicator. Remember, special training is needed to effectively apply chemical repellants. Anthraquinone is one of the approved goose repellants on lawns. Gees don’t usually feed on lawns. This is because they experience nausea and pain caused by the repellants.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that repellants can lose their effectiveness over time. Plus, the products are very expensive and are therefore more practical in small areas. Weekly mowing can also remove the repellant. Thus, reapplication is extremely important. Bear in mind that no toxicants are approved for the control of Canadian geese.

Shooting Can Work

Hunting can help in slowing down the growth of resident flocks. Certain geese can be eliminated with hunting, whereas others will be discouraged from coming back. Hunting significantly enhances the effectiveness of noisemakers because the geese might start feeling that loud noise is a serious threat.

Consider Trapping

Canada geese can be trapped with nets. The nets are often propelled over a feeding location. But this technique is only applicable when the geese are able to fly. When it comes to tackling molting geese, roundups are often utilized. Nets launched with rockets require special permits, as well as, safety precautions.


Translocation alone doesn’t send the geese away. Remember, after translocation, you don’t have control over them, especially if they decide to come back. However, increasing translocation can work. But the only problem with translocation (according to environmental professionals) is the risk of spreading diseases.


According to federal laws, you are allowed to kill the geese—provided that you have the required permits. The main way of euthanizing geese is through carbon dioxide. However, you can still use cervical dislocation to euthanize geese. This method entails training, strength, as well as great skill.


Nest control is a common way of dealing with geese. However, you should adhere to state regulations. So, consider studying the regulations of your state as far as nest control is concerned. Also, familiarizer yourself with how to conduct proper carcasses disposal.

Egg Destruction

Nest control can fail. If it does, move to another control method—egg destruction. This method entails treating the eggs before they are hatch. This prevents them from hatching. Here, you can shake, freeze, and puncture them. You can also apply corn oil—it will effectively destroy the eggs. After the season is over, consider destroying the nests. This will wipe out the geese. However, it’s important to embrace patience when applying this method. Results will take time.

The Bottom-Line

Canada goose can create havoc in your home. However, there are several methods of controlling the Canada goose. The above guide contains all you should know regarding the Canada goose.