Ice O Matic Commercial Ice Maker (B00197CFHE)

Ice O Matic Ice1006fa Commercial Ice Maker Full Cube Air 30 Inch - ICE1006FA

Ice-O-Matic is one of the most trusted brands in the field of Ice making machines, and you would easily notice their products in the majority of places as they have been a pioneer organization for a long time.

This Ice-O-Matic 1006FA Commercial Ice Maker is one of the best achievements of them for developing an Ice maker machine best suitable to be used in houses and offices or for a family tour. This machine is multi-functional as it can be used for refrigeration works along with Ice making properties. It is shaped in cubical design and has been laced with a powerful automatic defrost system. The machine can give the output of Ice every day of up to 1000lb.


  • Cubical Design and stainless steel structure give durability: Ice-O-Matic 1006FA is made up of Stainless steel from its outward covering, which gives it durability and making it rust-free and lasts more than usual. The design of this product has been made cubical, which gives it a stylish touch of artistic reflection.
  • 1000lb Ice production per day: This machine has the capability of producing up to 1000lb of Ice per day, which is a very high production rate as per its size.
  • Powerful automatic defrost system: This machine has been laced with a powerful defrost system, which helps in providing the fastest cooling with minimum energy wastage.
  • Easy to install and carry: The cubical design and small size of the machine describe that it has been made in the thought of easy mobility as per the needs for home and office works.



  • Easy to install anywhere.
  • Best for use in small parties or commercial uses such as shops, offices, weddings, etc.
  • Stainless Steel structure gives it more durability and increases its timeline of usage.
  • Certified by ISO, AHRI gives it a standard of rating, which reflects its quality and power saving capacity.


  • Very expensive product as per its usage.
  • It does not have the power of cooling smaller Ice cubes as the surface of it is relatively smaller than its volume.

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