MegaLane Commercial Ice Maker (B01HYPZIDC)

MegaLane Commercial Snow Flake Ice Maker Making Machine For Laboratories, Seafood 40KG/24h 15KG Storage Capacity.

Megalane has been the topmost brand in the industry of ice-making machines. Its commercial Ice Maker Machine was one of the superior inventions ever. This machine was usually used in laboratories due to its fast and effective ice-making ability. It is embraced with the Embraco Compressor, which provides it a supernatural ability of faster and powerful cooling.

Megalane has used its patented technology in it in which they separate the evaporator with the line of chip Ice making section, which allows higher cooling ability and more capacity to make Ice in less time. This machine can be useful in hospitals, schools, laboratories, and research laboratories, as well. It can also be used in the preservation of food material in Industries, Supermarkets, etc.

Megalane Commercial Snowflake Ice maker machine has the capacity of producing 40kg ice in 24 hours, which is a good production size. The machine has been covered with Stainless Steel material, which gives it long durability. As well as the usage of Italian Haitec Two-stage reducer with Korean GGM motor makes it a silent working machine without noise.


  • The use of an Embraco compressor gives it the most powerful cooling ever.
  • It can produce 40 kg in 24 hours.
  • Its float-type water tank inflow system provides no wastage of water and makes it energy and water-efficient.
  • Fully Automatic Computer chip controlled system makes the machine easy to use and more reliable.
  • The storage capacity of up to 15 kg.

Pros and Cons of Megalane Commercial Snow Flake Ice Maker Machine:


  • It can be used in large scale industries for multi-task operations for Icemaking as well as cooling storage in laboratories, supermarkets, research institutes, etc.
  • Fully Automatic mechanism makes it easier to use.
  • It’s Stainless Steel structure makes it more durable by avoiding possible rusting.


  • Storage is only 15 Kg which is very low for laboratory or supermarket works.
  • The use of high technology makes it a little hard to use in starting.

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