Hoshizaki KM-61BAH Commercial Ice Maker (B01ASBSMDW)

Hoshizaki KM-81BAH Undercounter Ice Maker Produces Up To 86 Lbs Per 24 Hours

Hoshizaki has introduced a very fast and efficient way to produce Ice with its most developed Ice Maker machine. Hoshizaki has been good competitors in the field of Ice making and has given the most advanced and great technology products. KM-61Bah is one of those products designed by Hoshizaki with some mind-blowing features in it.

This machine can produce 71 lbs of Ice in 24 hours and gives a built-in storage capacity of 38lbs, which means you can store half of the ice produced in the storage at a time. The production of this machine is somewhat lower, so it is better for personal use at home or small scale Ice making. It has a 115-volt plug which can operate well in office or home. Hoshizaki KM-61Bah has a free-standing position, which makes it easier in installation.


  • 71 Lbs of Ice production in 24 hours.
  • Stain Steel exterior for the durability of the product.
  • 38 Lbs of built-in Ice storage capacity.
  • Easy to maintain the product, which increases its life span.
  • Front opening bin for better accessibility to the storage bin.



  • It is a good product and is useful for the office and at home.
  • Energy-efficient machinery makes it give higher output in lower energy
  • The free-standing position makes it easier to be installed.
  • Has EverCheck Alert system by which machine will alert in intervals whenever there is a problem in the machine.


  • It cannot be used in parties or restaurants which require large ice cube demands as the output is low and according to offices or home.
  • It liberates a lot of water during the drainage time.

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