The most important component of an oil free turkey fryer

If you’re in the market for oil free turkey fryer, I congratulate you because you are definitely looking for the right device as far as roasting turkey is concerned. You now that if you were to put a turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving, it’s anybody’s guess how that turkey would come out. I don’t want to sound discouraging. I definitely don’t want to demotivate you or depress you, but you know that this is true.

Most people who have tried their hand at preparing a Thanksgiving turkey know this full well. The sad reality is that in some occasions, the turkey comes out just right. If you ever looked at any kind of Christmas or holiday catalog and it shows a fresh oven baked turkey, that’s the image you get. It looks very nice, the outer skin is crispy, the interior flesh is cooked just right, there are no red juices, and when you bite down on it, it’s not dry and it tastes really good. That’s how turkey should be.

Unfortunately, most of us also experience the other side of the equation which is rubbery skin and uneven cooking. You cut through the upper layer of the turkey and you’re good to go. We’re talking about white flesh. It tastes great, it has awesome texture, but when you get closer to the bone, you start seeing red stuff. You lose your appetite and you feel somewhat disgusted.

Unfortunately, that is a very common experience too. There is almost no rhyme or reason when it comes to oven baked turkey. Try as hard as you might, as far as timing and other input controls, you’re still essentially just rolling the dice. In fact, a lot of people get so frustrated that they just carve up the fresh turkey and then they dunk the pieces in a fryer.

They basically get fried chicken style turkey. This is an act of desperation because as you probably already know, turkey is intended to be a family feast. What I mean by that is there’s something special about having your family members gathered around a table and then out comes the turkey intact. Not in pieces, not all cut up like fried chicken, and definitely not in a bucket. I’m talking about serving the turkey in one piece. That’s how it should be. That’s what turkey was intended for. It’s a communal feast and that’s why frying, for the most part, is out of the question.

Thankfully, the oil free turkey fryer was invented. By using this specially designed cooking chamber, you roast the turkey properly. The best part to all of this is that you get to enjoy the best prepared turkey again and again and again. What I mean by that is that all the guess work is gone. You don’t have to worry about the turkey being uncooked on the inside. You don’t have to worry about soggy or rubbery or cold skin.

Instead of feeling sick, you get all excited because each and every mouthful of turkey you get is just right. The reason[n why the oil free turkey fryer is able to knock the ball on the part each and every time it steps on the plate is because it has a key component that makes turkey frying (which is really roasting) almost idiot proof.

The most important component: the heating coil

The heating coil or turbo coil for oil free turkey fryer models is the most important component. Seriously, you cannot neglect this component. This has to be focused on. All your attention must be tried on this component. It’s important to make sure that it is able to heat up the chamber properly. It has to radiate the heat the right way so that the heat bounces off the walls of the oil free turkey fryer and into the turkey itself.

Also, it must be durable. In other words, you should be able to use the turkey fryer over and over again without having to worry about uneven heating or the heating coil giving out. Read up on the particular brands of the best oil less turkey fryer reviews you see on the market. Pay attention to user reviews. Look at what they say about the heating coil.

Make no mistake about it, this is non-negotiable, this is the item that is a make or break component. If the component is not up to the job or is somehow substandard, skip the oil free turkey fryer you’re considering. Look for another unit because if you are serious about maximizing the total use value you get out of your hard earned dollars, insist on a solid heating coil. There is really no other option.