How Toes Turbo Heating Work in a Turkey Air Fryer?

A turkey air fryer is actually a roasting device. That’s the cooking action that actually takes place.

A lot of people think that if the word “fryer” is used in any kind of device, then fat is involved. By fat, of course, I mean lots of cooking oil that is heated up to a high temperature. The meat is then placed in the boiling fat to cook the meat. Pretty straightforward, but the problem there is that you’re dealing with a lot of fat.

Fat, as you can probably already know, has some serious health issues with it. While the science on cholesterol and fats in general have recently experienced a major reversal, it’s still anyone’s guess what doctors would say about fat in the long term.

Increasingly, more and more researchers are saying that fat is actually not as bad for you as sugar. Can you imagine that? Sugar is actually worse for you than fat? But I digress. If you want to cook meat and get that fried texture, but you don’t want to deal with the fat, using an air fryer is the way to go.

Don’t let the name fool you. Don’t let the name trick you. A turkey air fryer is essentially a roaster. That’s all it is. Basically, you have a heating device at the bottom of the heating chamber and this heats up the air inside the device to a very high degree. On top of the air, there’s also heat waves being sent by the heating coil or heating element.

It’s important to make sure that the turkey air fryer is designed properly so that the stainless steel or metal walls of the fryer does a good job of bouncing the heat energy from the heating coil. The end result is a very welcome combination indeed.

You have to remember that if you’ve ever tried any kind of turkey preparation, you’re trying to avoid two things. First of all, you’re trying to avoid soggy or cold or clammy skin. You probably don’t need me to remind you of how disgusting that is. It doesn’t taste right, it doesn’t feel right in your mouth. It’s something to be avoided.

Similarly, you want to avoid a situation where you “cook” the turkey, but its interior is still red. It’s still actually raw inside. Again, when you cut through the meat, there are all sorts of juices that come out and they are red juices. Totally disgusting, totally unacceptable.

The turkey air fryer is able to deliver the holy grail of turkey preparation. On the one hand, you get a really nice, crispy exterior. This tastes really great as far as texture is concerned. Depending on now you prepare the turkey, the skin can also be flavorful. Can you imagine biting on to some crispy turkey skin and experience and explosion of flavors in your mouth? That is very possible now with a turkey air fryer.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t do this with an oven. I’m not saying that you can’t do this with other cooking devices. The problem is, with an oven, you’re basically rolling the dice when you prepare turkey.

On some days, the turkey comes out just right. That’s correct. The turkey is very crisp on the outside, it tastes really good in your mouth, it has the right texture, it is also well done. Meaning, there are no raw parts.

On other days, and unfortunately there are too many of these days, you get the worst combination. Not only is it rubbery and icky on the outside, but when you dig in, it doesn’t take much for you to see blood or red fluid and the meat is not cooked at all. Talk about a disappointment.

And the worst part to all of this is that you put in the right amount of time. You put in the right amount of effort. That’s the most frustrating part to oven cooking a turkey.

On top of all of this, three’s a tremendous amount of pressure put on you because you’re preparing the turkey for Thanksgiving. Your guests are tired and they’re hungry, and there you are, fooling around with a turkey that just isn’t right. Thankfully, turkey air fryer will solve your problems.

Turbo heating is what makes the turkey air fryer take turkey cooking to the next level. Turbo heating is all about radiating heat where it needs to go so your turkey is not only cooked faster, but cooked the right way. What’s the point of speeding through the turkey cooking process when you end up with a very disgusting piece of turkey at the end? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s a waste of your time and money.

Do yourself a big favor and look into buying the best oil less turkey air fryer. Do some price comparison, look at the different features, different brands and models bring to the table, pay attention to total use value. After you’ve gone through the proper steps in shopping for this type of kitchen appliance the right way, hook yourself up with the right turkey air fryer and you can kiss all your turkey cooking headaches goodbye.