How Can Using a Turkey Fryer with No Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Can you imagine a turkey fryer with no oil? I know that sounds crazy, know it sounds almost out of this world because, hey, let’s face it, by definition, frying requires oil.

When was the last time you fried something without putting meat or vegetables in a vat of heated oil? That is the essence of frying. Still, thanks to changes in American health concerns as well as changing awareness regarding personal nutrition, more and more people are demanding an oil free alternative as far as cooking technologies are concerned.

Considering the market realities behind cooking appliances, it was only a matter of time until the best oil less turkey fryer with no oil became a reality. Well, you shouldn’t stumble upon terms. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the term “fryer” usually involves some sort of oil. It involves at least some sort of fat. That is the essence of frying.

Frying is also very intensive, meaning, you’re going to immerse the food item in fat. It’s not just a question of drizzling fat on it, it’s not a question of sprinkling some fat on a heated surface and then cooking. No. If we’re talking about frying, there has to be a substantial amount of fat involved. This is serious stuff as far as cardiovascular health concerns go.

So how can you lose weight with a turkey fryer with no oil involved? Here’s how it works.

The Essence of a Turkey Fryer

The essence of a turkey fryer is quite simple. It’s not a fryer at all. I mean, strictly speaking, if we’re going to focus on semantics, if we’re going to stumble on our words, if we’re going to ask for tight definitions, it’s not a fryer at all. Sorry. Instead, it is a roaster.

These are two totally different things, but if you think about it, we all kind of end up in the same happy place. The reason why people choose to fry meat is because you get a nice crispy exterior and the interior is nice, succulent and juicy. If you’ve ever had fried chicken at KFC, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

They use pressure frying technology to get that great combination of succulent meat inside and crispy and crunchy exterior on the outside. That’s how it’s supposed to work. Well, unfortunately, you pay a heavy price for that because there’s a tremendous amount of fat involved. I am of course talking about the oil that that meat is dunked into.

With roasting technology, you can pretty much get the holy grail of fried foods. Again, the holy grail, of course, is getting food that is crispy on the outside and well done and succulent on the inside. You get nice, juicy meat without it being dry or under cooked. In other words, you get the best of both worlds.

This is precisely what roasting technology delivers. The typical roaster is set up to heat the air of the cooking chamber. The air gets so heated and the heat waves are bounced off the stainless steel walls of the cooking chamber. This creates a super heated core.

If designed properly, this core can thoroughly cook a turkey in a much shorter time than baking while at the same time, delivering a nice, crisp exterior with well cooked interior. The best part to all of this is that you don’t run the risk of a dry turkey.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at baking a Thanksgiving turkey, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Usually, the most common complaints people have regarding Thanksgiving turkey is that the meat, at some point, becomes dry. At the other end of the equation is meat that is simply not cooked right. In other words, red juice still runs out and can get really nasty really quickly.

The worst situation is when the exterior features clammy, cold and rubbery skin. You don’t have any of these issues when you use a turkey fryer with no oil added. A well designed turkey fryer does a thorough job cooking and it delivers the very best of both worlds.

Since you are using this technology, you can skip the fat and enjoy the lean meat of turkey. As long as you watch other aspects of your diet, you can lose weight using a turkey fryer with no oil. Seriously. You just have to watch what you eat and also do some moderate forms of exercise.