The Main Benefit of Getting an Infrared Turkey Fryer


An infrared turkey fryer really takes turkey cooking to the next level. If you’ve ever tried your hand at preparing a Thanksgiving turkey, you know full well how frustrating that experience could be. It seems that regardless of how much time, effort, energy and preparation you put into the cooking process, you can’t seem to get it right.

It seems you’re always stuck with rubbery or clammy skin and a turkey exterior that is not thoroughly cooked. In fact, if you were to carve a turkey a few inches down, you eventually get to a point where it’s red. Talk about disappointing. Talk about frustrating.

The worst part to all of this is that a lot of people are counting on you because you’ve served that turkey for Thanksgiving. A lot is at stake. Thankfully, turkey cooking technology has evolved several stages. The first stage is turbo broiling.

There are many best oil less turkey fryer¬†on the market. A lot of them are marketed as turkey fryers. But make no mistake about it, there is really no frying involved. After all, frying is defined as putting a vat of cooking oil in a cooking chamber, heating it up and then putting meat in the chamber. Pretty straightforward, no big mystery here. That’s how frying works.

The great thing about frying is that you get that nice combination of crispy exterior and a succulent interior. The drawback to frying, need I remind you, is the fat. It’s just too fat for many people. And considering America’s obesity problem, this is the last thing people would want.

People are not exactly excited of using a turkey fryer that actually uses an oil based frying system. This is why the typical turkey fryer uses no oil. They are completely oil less. Instead, they use a turbo broiling heat generation system that bounces heat off the walls of the stainless steel cooking chamber to get to the meat. The end result is a crispy exterior and a succulent and moist inside.

The problem here is that there is still some room for improvement because in some cases, the heat is not evenly distributed. That’s why the infrared turkey fryer is a life saver.

Using infrared technology, meaning the heat source, is buried at the bottom of the base and is actually within the walls of the turkey fryer. The end result here is a more even distribution of heat and the air is circulated properly to maximize cooking efficiency while speeding up cooking time.

One of the biggest hassles of putting a turkey in the oven is the amount of waiting time. You’re going to basically wait several hours. It depends on how big the turkey is. But if you are preparing a very big turkey to feed a lot of people, you have to wait several hours.

As you can probably well imagine, this is going to get on the nerves of your dinner guests. You don’t have that drama when it comes to the infrared turkey fryer. If you’re looking for turkey done right fairly quickly, this is the technology for you. Sure, you’re going to pay a few extra bucks for it, but believe me, if you’re looking for a great combination of a crispy exterior and a moist and succulent interior, you can’t go wrong with this cooking appliance. It’s definitely worth it and it’s definitely money well spent.

Other benefits you get from using infrared cooking technology

In addition to faster cooking time and even heating, you can benefit tremendously from your turkey infrared cooker with another significant benefit: it frees you up to prepare great-tasting side dishes.

Make no mistake about it, your side dishes can help make or break the overall quality of your meal. You invited your friends and family over to enjoy a great meal. Give them the great tasting meal they expect. Great conversation can only go so far-you also have to deliver solid great-tasting food. Unfortunately, it is too easy to focus on the star of the show-the turkey-that the star’s supporting cast are neglected and they end up putting in a lackluster performance. I am, of course, talking about your side dishes. Make no mistake about it, these dishes can shape the overall impression your guests have about the food you serve.

While great turkey can go quite far, if you serve all too forgettable side dishes, they take away from the great taste and texture of your turkey and your guests’ overall impression of the meal you served might suffer.

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