What Kind of Infrared Technology is Used in an Infrared Oil Less Turkey Fryer?


If you are looking for the best oil less turkey fryer, you probably already know that they are essentially turbo roasting devices. By turbo roasting, I’m talking about a heating element or coil that radiates heat throughout the cooking chamber to ensure that the turkey is cooked properly.

What is a properly cooked turkey? Well, it has a nice, crispy exterior. The skin is never clammy, it doesn’t cling to your teeth, it’s never soft and disgusting. There’s no liquid underneath the skin. It’s not rubbery at all. Instead, it’s nice, crisp and dry enough with the proper amount of grease.

When you cut through the turkey, it’s nice and succulent inside. It’s like a nice little butter ball. There’s a nice mix of oils and properly cooked meat that is white, light and all right. This is the ideal situation and unfortunately, if you’ve been cooking turkey, I’m sure, for the life of you, you’ve been struggling with oven baking a turkey.

It really is a crapshoot. There is really no other way that does justice to the frustration that most people face when they try to prepare turkey for Thanksgiving or other occasions. It really is like going to a casino and just hoping that you would hit the right combination of cards or the right combination of dice.

Unfortunately, this is too much for most people. They don’t want to roll the dice. Instead, they want great turkey each and every time. This is where infrared oil less turkey fryer technology comes in.

The downside of the typical turbo roaster that is often labeled as an oil less turkey fryer is that turbo roasting may not produce evenly distributed heat. In some situations, you can still end up with a turkey interior that is nothing to write home about.

Now, it’s not as bad as oven baked turkey. It’s never going to be that bad. But if you are looking for a turkey that is done just right, or has the right combination of a crispy exterior and a well done, but still juicy interior, you are left wanting. You’re left somewhat frustrated and you’re looking for something more.

Well, thankfully, there is such a thing as infrared oil less turkey fryer technology. How does this work? Well, don’t let the phrase infrared throw you off. Usually, when people think of infrared, they start thinking in terms of motion detectors and infrared goggles that you use at night.

Instead, the infrared here involves a heating chamber with a high powered propane burner at the bottom. This burner is enclosed so it’s kind of like a ring of fire that is generated using a propane tank. This system works by heating up the walls of the “fryer.”

This creates extremely dry and hot air inside and this air is swirling around. This set up does a great job compared to the typical turbo broiler. The secret is the swirling air and the distributed heat, thanks to the propane burner. At the end of the day, you get the holy grail of turkey preparation.

What is the holy grail? That’s right, you got it. A crispy outside, and a succulent and moist inside. You can’t wish for more. Of course, you have to pay a little extra for an infrared oil less turkey fryer, but guess what? That’s money well spent because if you’ve been frustrated in your efforts to cook the perfect turkey, now you’re in luck. This is the technology for you.

The best part about cooking turkey right

Make no mistake about it infrared heating technology can take the taste and texture of your holiday bird or weekday turkey meal to the next level. With that said, the biggest benefit this cooking technology may bring to your table might actually involve your side dishes. Remember your side dishes. They might play supporting roles to the star of your table-the turkey-but if you were to drop the ball as far as the quality of your side dishes, your meal may become really forgettable or, worse comes to worse, something to be avoided.

When you use technology that cooks turkey right all the time every time, you free yourself to devote the right amount of time and attention to your side dishes. You can then play around with ingredients as well as cooking styles to ensure maximum flavor. The more flavorful the supporting stars of your turkey, the more likely your whole meal will shine as a whole. You can thank your infrared turkey fryer for all this.

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